Public Defense Lawyer Says Most Bodies of Dead Inmates in Lattakunga Are Severed | News

Public Defense Lawyer Says Most Bodies of Dead Inmates in Lattakunga Are Severed |  News

A forensic pathologist and anthropologist help identify the bodies of inmates who died in the recorded incidents on the afternoon of Monday, October 3, at the Latakunga prison.

According to SNAI, 15 inmates were killed and 21 wounded in this new massacrefourth record so far this year.

The bodies were taken to the Ambato Forensic Center for identification, as they have the equipment needed for the operation.

Explosions were heard again in Latakunga prison

Most of the bodies were dismembered, said Franklin Poveda, director of the Cotopaxi Public Defense Office, who was at the site this morning.

Twelve bodies have been identified, and three remain unconfirmed.

The advocate called on family members to come forward to give traits or some evidence, such as tattoos, that would allow the bodies to be identified.

Leandro Norero, pseudonym PresidentHe will be one of the dead in this massacre. He was arrested for money laundering.

This Tuesday, the Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapata, indicated that because of the tattoo it is believed that it is because of tattoos Leandro Norero He is among the 15 dead in Latakunga prison.

The fourth massacre in Ecuadorian prisons so far in 2022: 92 inmates were killed in accidents

Most prisoners in Latacunga Prison are taken care of by the Public Defender’s Office.

Outside the Latacunga Prison and Ambato Forensic Center, families were waiting for information on the condition of their imprisoned relatives.

This morning the National Security Agency reported new incidents at that prison. (YO)

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