Public health in Cuba responds to the alleged ban on doctors’ exit

Public health in Cuba responds to the alleged ban on doctors’ exit

Faced with new rumors of a ban on leaving Cuba for professionals in the health sector, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) responded to this information by calling it false on social networks. Thus, they denied the existence of new regulations against the free movement of trained professionals on the island.

According to the head of the Communications Department of the Ministry of Social and Economic Affairs, Georgina Pérez-Alvarez, in a statement on Twitter, nothing has changed and what is being circulated on social networks is yet another “fake news”.

There are no new regulations for the entry or exit of health workers. Any information circulating on this subject that has not been published by the official Minsab channels is false,” he wrote in the foregoing. social network.

With this, the authorized official in the aforementioned ministry denies the false news that has been circulating with very bad intentions about “the new regulations regarding the entry and exit of health workers and private medical workers residing in other countries and traveling to visit Cuba.”

Prohibition of leaving Cuba to health workers?

An alleged audio message has been circulating for days, mainly in the WhatsApp messaging application. In it a woman is heard explaining at a supposed airport that Cuban doctors who live abroad, but maintain residency on the island, cannot leave due to a labor shortage in the sector.

The alleged woman explaining at the airport gave the example of a Chilean-based doctor who was unable to return to his adopted country on a Copa Airlines flight, due to the alleged procedure. Something the MINSAP authorities have just described as false and bogus.

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This month it was announced that in 2022, the island will lose more than 10,000 health professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and other technicians in this branch. Official data released this week by the National Office for Statistics and Information (ONEI) confirmed this, giving a figure of more than 12,000 doctors who requested exit from the public health system that year.

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