Raul Jimenez went goalless in Fulham’s defeat to Brentford: 0-3

Raul Jimenez went goalless in Fulham’s defeat to Brentford: 0-3

an offer Fulham Based on Raul Jimenez in it Craven Cottage Stadium It was a complete disaster that caused the suffering of the home crowd, who witnessed the first defeat of the season at Premier League on hands Brentford who simply took advantage of defensive mistakes to make it 0-3.

Fulham seemed ineffective in attack, which could not be compared to defensive mistakes that cost goals, dismissals and the humiliation of being defeated at home. Raul Jimenez 86 minutes played.

A bug that affected the entire game

Issa Diop He wanted to play the ball with his goalkeeper, but he made a huge mistake as he left the ball at his mercy. Wesa Whoever took the ball, he took it from the goalkeeper Bernd Lenoand already in front of the goal set a goal, marking the fatal error from 0-1 to 44.

reaction from Fulham He reached the second half when Cordova Red He appeared in the area to wrap up a play with a shot that went off the crossbar, causing the home fans eager for an equalizer to struggle.

However, the timid reaction was of little use as Brentford found themselves with a penalty Tim Reamwho pulled Wesa in a corner kick when the striker was preparing to set in front of the goal.

The moment was a bit messy because Fulham claimed it while the referee was waiting for confirmation VARwho finally arrived. To make matters worse, the referee had up to that point decided the play warranted a warning for the defender and Ream had to go to the locker room after 64 minutes due to the double yellow.

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Brian Mbeumo He was responsible for taking the penalty kick and did so with a shot that hit the post making the score 2-0.

Coach Marco Saravia da Silva trusted Jimenez and left him on the field while he made four changes, including the entry of the Brazilian Willian with the aim of supplying the Mexican with the balls that he dreams of returning, something that did not happen in the end and he was. He was replaced by Rodrigo Muniz.

The best of Jiménez came out around the 75th minute when he cheered on An individual game in which he managed to dodge some playersbut when sending his shot into the area rabonathe ball simply went into the stands.

Lino was key to averting another disaster

Leno performed admirably throughout the match having to tackle on two occasions to prevent goals Brentford. First in the 27th minute when Wysa was already warned with a shot from distance, but the most spectacular was at 50 minutes with a ball that threatened to go in close to the crossbar and forced the goalkeeper to ‘fly’ to clear it.

A great goal to close out the win

Already with victory in the bag and with Fulham running ahead, it was very easy to find spaces for Brentford who scored their third goal coming from the goalkeeper, who ran off for Agger, who had the ball up to three-quarters of the pitch. To serve it filtered to Henry, which returned to the wall after several shenanigans. Everything is fast and on the right wing.

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Agger reached the finish line and crossed to Mbeumu who thus achieved a double in the match by simply pushing the ball in a very valuable victory that put them in the first positions with four points at the start of the season; While leaving Fulham with only three points and disappointment at home.

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