Puerto Aysn celebrates 94 years with many sports and arts activities

Puerto Aysn celebrates 94 years with many sports and arts activities

Puerto Aysn celebrates 94 years with many sports and arts activities

Basketball, swimming, marathon as well as volleyball clinics, kayaking and football match between the legends of the Chilean team will witness the sporting calendar. In terms of art, it stands out as a day of dance led by Chantal Gayoso and ex-axe Thiago Cunha.

Mayor Julio Uribe Alvarado, jointly with the Executive Director of the Sports Foundation, Carlos Carcamo, and the person in charge of the Tourism Unit, Loretta Cunicar, made the official launch of the sports activities to celebrate the 94th anniversary of Porto Essen.

Aimed at different age groups and audiences, family scenarios that include an extensive program network will open in 2022 on Monday 3 January, with a volleyball clinic in which the selected Chilean will participate.

In this regard, the first community authority explained that in January “there will be 19 sports activities, from triathlon, basketball, volleyball, kayaking and marathon, where in football we will have, for example, the history of the Chilean team”.

In addition, apart from the clinic that will take place over four consecutive days, it was also believed that children would be a part of the event, a basketball tournament, a swimming competition, and an exclusive marathon for those interested in extreme sports such as rugby and even triathlon for children. It is a complete proposal with specializations of all kinds that the respective departments have orchestrated to offer a range of possibilities.

Along these lines, Coñuecar announced that they have worked with Sports Corporation and the municipality under the premise of a strategic alliance. “It is important for us to involve physical activity in remembrance, especially now that we are coming out of a sad period of the pandemic, where young people and the majority of society have been locked up. So we are focusing on activities that can support that area and affect recreation.”

As for the music, on Saturday January 22nd, two personalities from the world of entertainment and Zumba, Thiago Kona, former member of Axé Bahía, and Chantal Gayoso will arrive to present a dance day as part of the Color Dance activity. On the other hand, the schedule includes the fifth edition “Run with a Firefighter” from the Sports Center to the Plaza de Armas, inviting everyone who wishes to participate.

Added to the above are the Carlos Barrientos Cup, the popular basketball tournament that ends on January 29, and the Puerto Chacabuco-Puerto Aysén Race, scheduled for the same day. Faced with this scenario, Carcamo emphasized the nature of programming and advocated sharing as a family. “All activities are free, so invite the community to join these activities and more than anything else, promote this area which is as beautiful as sports,” he said.

Information on activities and schedules will be published in official site Aisen Municipality in the next few days.

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