Putin does not see the need for dialogue with Biden

Putin does not see the need for dialogue with Biden

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, confirmed today, that he sees no need to speak with the US President, Joe Biden, who He has already said that he will not talk to Russia about Ukraine In the absence of kyiv at the table.

“We need to ask him whether he is ready to hold such negotiations with me or not. I do not see the necessity, to be honest in general,” the Kremlin head said at a press conference two days after the regional summits in Astana. .

So far there is no platform for any negotiations.”In response to a question about the possibility of meeting Biden at the G-20 summit in Indonesia, he stressed.

Putin stressed that the issue of his participation in that summit in November was not clear yet, but that Russia would participate in some way.

He noted that “the question of my trip there has not yet been finally resolved. But Russia will certainly take part in this work. In what form, we will think about it.”

The US President said last Tuesday that He has no intention To meet Putin in the G20unless he approaches him and proposes to talk about the release of imprisoned NBA player Britney Grenier.

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