Putin ‘unaware’ of Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Putin ‘unaware’ of Russia’s actions in Ukraine

The pentagonal This Wednesday confirmed that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had not been “fully briefed” by his advisers on Ministry of Defense About the course of operations on the Ukrainian territory.

“In an attempt not to enter into intelligence information, we agree with the conclusion that Putin was not fully informed by the Ministry of Defense.” Ministry of Defense Over the past month, its spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference.

This information, first revealed by a high-ranking US official, was described by Kirby as an “issue of concern” for allies and Ukraine. “If Putin is misguided about what’s going on. The fact that he doesn’t have the full context, that he doesn’t fully understand the extent to which his forces are failing in Ukraine, is a bit troubling,” he said.

In this regard, and with regard to Moscow’s movements on the ground, pentagonal It saw “less than 20 percent” of Russian forces that had been around Kyiv move north as they “repositioned” in Belarus so that they could be re-equipped for possible action in eastern Ukraine.

Kirby noted that Russian forces were seen near Hostomel Airport, north of the city, as they were moving north toward Belarus, according to the American ABC network. spokesperson pentagonal He explained that he had intentionally used the term “repositioning”.

“If the Russians are serious about de-escalation, because they have said so, they should send (the troops) home (…) they will reinstall these forces, resupply and use them in other parts of Ukraine,” he reiterated.

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In addition, the spokesperson pentagonal It claimed that there are about a thousand mercenaries of the Russian military group Wagner Group in the Donbass region of Ukraine. “We believe it is a reflection of the hard fighting that continues there and Putin’s desire to step up his efforts,” he said, according to The Hill.

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