Suns, Coyotes and A celebrate “Cesar Chavez Day”

Suns, Coyotes and A celebrate “Cesar Chavez Day”

The Phoenix Suns of the NBAm The Arizona wolf from NHL Auckland Athletics were the three professional teams I remembered early on on March 31 Cesar Chavezactivist and campaigner for the rights of immigrant farm workers in the United States, who today received the recognition of the President Joe Biden Jr.declaring it a national day.

The first two are teams from Arizona, a state from which Cesar Estrada Chavez, better known as Cesar Chavez (Yuma, 1927-1993), founder of the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) in 1962, who later became recognized as United. Farm Workers (UFW).

“Today, we remember the legacy and accomplishments of Arizona-born Cesar Chavez, who dedicated his life to serving our communities by improving working conditions for immigrant farm workers. Yes, we can,” that was the Suns message. Which ended with a famous phrase that was repeated in the rallies and rallies of the human rights defender.

For his part, the NHL team said on its Twitter account that it remembers the man who fought alongside activist Dolores Huerta, thus: “On this day, we recognize César Chávez as a hero for America and an Arizonan who worked tirelessly to achieve justice and equal treatment for all #PalaceDay.”

In Oakland, A’s also noted a hero who did so much for Californians, but also honored him with a donation: “We are proud to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day by making a donation to the Latin Community Foundation.”

Thus, these two groups demonstrated the importance attached to them by the Latino, Latino, and immigrant community.

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