Qatar in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, Ecuador with the best attack at home, Peru, one of the worst defenders of the tournament | Football | Sports

Qatar in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, Ecuador with the best attack at home, Peru, one of the worst defenders of the tournament |  Football |  Sports

Tricholores and plankiviros will be measured in Quito this Tuesday for Day 8 of the Conmepol classification competition for the next World Cup.

Match between Ecuador and Peru, This Tuesday in Kyoto, Qatar for the eighth day of the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup (fifth and sixth dates have been suspended), Which will show face to face a selection of many of the best individuals in different parts of the World Cup, while the other, analyzed in numbers, has some of the worst records ever.

For example, the triangle is in the third box and is located below the Remac Team Standings. The difference between the two is 8 points: 9 for the Argentina team led by Gustavo Albaro and one for his teammate Ricardo Carreca.

Five presentations in Ecuador, The second best offense of the qualifying process with 13 touchdowns (One goal less than Brazil, it commands in that order). The national team’s score is 2.6 for average commitment. The Peruvians have the second worst lead on the dive, scoring four goals (Venezuela have three). The production of the Southern team, against the opposing goal, was 0.8 goals per game.

Ecuador, with a difference of more than 5 goals in the standings, are the second best in the tournament (Brazilians over 14), 4 more than Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

Ferrio in Quito

In addition, Albaro’s team, who scored the most goals against opponents as a homeowner, Thanks to 10 goals to Uruguay 4-2 at the height of the capital and beat Colombia 6-1. Having hosted three games, Brazil, pointing to defeat, have scored fewer goals in their region: 8 (a triangular player who beat Bolivia 5-0 and Venezuela 1-0 and Alison Becker 2-0).

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Although this is only Ecuador’s third home performance against Peru, it shares with Tri Brazil that it still has one game to play as a homeowner, Record of 100% performance in his confidence with two and three wins, Respectively.

The remaining Conmepol teams have already allowed points escape at their respective venues, including the Argentine and Uruguay powers. In terms of adding attendance units, the Peruvians tied with Paraguay for 2 points and got a point, in Asuncion, But in this aspect too the Ecuadorian people are performing better than their rivals this Tuesday as they beat Bolivia 3-2 in La Paz..

With 8 goals (1.6 per game), Ecuador have the fifth best defense in qualifying, with Brazil (2), Argentina (3), Paraguay (5) and Uruguay and Chile (both in fourth place with 7 behind each of the goals). Peru and Bolivia have the worst dormant zones in the Qatar 2022 dive, 13 notes out of five are allowed (2.6 goals per game). One fact to take into account is that Venezuela, which lasts second, has met a score (9) more than Ecuador.

The only number of losses that Ecuador loses compared to Peru is related to the immediate predecessor in Quito due to the tie. On September 5, 2017, on the bench with Kareka, The team won 2-1 with the red band in its jersey on the final day of the tournament for Russia 2018. (D)

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