Quico from El chavo del 8: Who are the children of Carlos Villagrane and what they do | koiko | TV series | Kiko | celebrity | Mexico | MX | Fame

Quico from El chavo del 8: Who are the children of Carlos Villagrane and what they do |  koiko |  TV series |  Kiko |  celebrity |  Mexico |  MX |  Fame

who are the sons of? Carlos Villagrane is a Mexican actor best known for his role as Cuico in Roberto Gomez Bolaños’ comedy show. The artist gave life to the conceited and funny boy from the neighborhood, a role he legally contested with “Chesperito” but used all his life in various countries with his circus.

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born in Santiago de Queretaro On January 12, 1942, so in 2021, He is 79 years old. His parents are Carlos Villagran Chavez and Eva Adela Eslava Rivera. He started working too early and didn’t finish his work school studies. But he did his best to make his dreams come true .

Before he became Quico, he was Photographer from “Mexico Herald‘, which covered the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968At that time, he began to surround himself with the world of television, a student and a little genie Extra papers in programs. So it was until it became wedge employment “Millionaires Club then to lola chen.

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In this way, Villagrane worked with , rememberer Professor Gravales, who took him to a Gomez Bolanos PartyIn 1971. There, friends made a comic that enchanted the future creator “El Chavo del 8”. So it’s all about the history of the famous neighborhood, and its unforgettable characters, such as Quico.

Villagrán stopped performing with his character Quico in 2010 (Photo: Carlos Villagrán / Instagram)

Who are the children of Carlos Villagron?

Carlos Villagran was married three times and had two children seven children: Silvia, Paulo, Samantha, Angel, Edson, Gustavo and Vanessa. Despite not being from the same mother, Quico’s heirs have remained very close to this day.

Although none of them have devoted themselves to TV worldSome share their father’s artistic streak and others prefer to keep their personal lives in absolute precaution, such as Edson, associated with Song organization of events; Silvia, the one who played funny characters and Gustavo, about which almost nothing is known. Social media shed more light on their career and family.

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Vanessa Villagron

Vanessa Villagrane She’s Quico’s best girl and more than devoted herself to pursuing Spreading the word about his father’s profession. It appears on his personal account Unpublished photos Or little known about Carlos Villagrane’s career, he also posts a nice post about “Babeto“.

Paulo Villagron

Paulo Villagrane that it CameramanGraphic designer, teacher and lecturer. Your work on your account Instagram, where there are more than 22 thousand followers. In addition, the 42-year-old artist, who lives in Queretaro, has provided his services to international music and food companies, according to local media.

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Samantha Villagron

Samantha is the third daughter of the Mexican actor and she is A Influencer with over a million followers On his official YouTube account called Sammy Cholladas Where you share content about it character recipes kitchen room.

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