Randy Arozarena rounds out the first stage with a 34 HR

Randy Arozarena rounds out the first stage with a 34 HR

We’re getting into the major leagues mid-season break, which is marked by MLB All-Star Weekwhich will be based for 2023 at T-Mobile Park, home of the Seattle Mariners. The festivities begin on Monday with the Home Run Derby, to make way on Tuesday for a team star game.

Monday’s event is one of the most spectacular of various celebrity tournaments in the sport’s four most important professional tournaments in the United States: a duel of strength and skill, to send the ball as far as possible, and more times, in a given time.

MLB Home Run Derby MINUTE BY MINUTE: All the action highlights from T-Mobile Park in Seattle

In addition, this 2023 edition has an additional attraction for Las Mayors fans in Latin America, as we will have the presence of three Latin hitters: Randy Arosarina (Cuban – Mexican), Dominican Julio Rodriguez He is also Cuban Adolis Garcia.

In reality, Arosarina She is one of the main characters of the first half of the season, with great hitting and fielding numbers for Tampa Bay Rays (58-35), team best in American League And just two wins less than Atlanta Braves (60-29).

The eight batsmen who will take part in the event and will face each other in the first innings are:

(1) Louis Robert Jr. vs. (8) Adley Rochman

(2) Pete Alonso vs. (7) Julio Rodriguez

(3) Mookie Betts vs. (6) Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

(4) Adolis Garcia vs. (5) Randy Arosarina

The order of the match was determined by the number of home runs made by the selected players through 4 July. While in the event of a tie, the highest number of tablazos as of June 15 were taken into account. With that criterion, the White Sox’ Robert Jr. would have left as the first baseman, ahead of the Mets’ first baseman.

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The format of the competition is very simple: it is divided into three rounds of direct elimination, in which the best player seeded second will be knocked out.

In the first two rounds each player will have three minutes and the time is reduced to two minutes in the final. The clock begins with a first-rate run and all connected home runs before the clock reaches zero will be counted. When the second batter leads in the first tie, then the round is over.

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