Rangers defender Braden Schneider will be lured after the NHL draft trade

Rangers defender Braden Schneider will be lured after the NHL draft trade

The Rangers created the expected splash Selecting Alexis Lafrenier with the No. 1 selection Tuesday in the 2020 NHL draft, but it was not their only major move in the first round.

Fearing that the Devils defenseman would take on Bradon Schneider, the Rangers signed Calgary Flames to fly to New Jersey and take the 19-year-old to the 19th selection. According to Larry Brooks of the Post.

The Rangers handled the 22nd and 72nd overall selections for the 6-foot-2 Schneider, who played in an aggressive style and was not afraid to engage in attack.

“It shows that I have a good opinion of them, and they think I’m a guy who can come and help their organization,” Schneider said of the Rangers trade to pick him. “I give them my best effort every day. They got everything I did. I’m excited. I look forward to the pressure.”

Schneider is coming off a breakout year with Brandon Wheat Kings in the WHL, amassing 42 points (seven goals, 35 assists) in 60 games.

“The way I describe myself, I’m a two-way bodyguard, it’s a pride in my own end, and a guy who is hard to play against in your face,” he said. “With the opportunity to make a good pass or jump into play or get a shot on the net, I’m ready to take it.”

Schneider is a strong skater and skilled buck-handler.

As for Lafrenier, the Rangers said he was the top pick Exciting to play At Madison Square Garden.

“Hi Rangers fans, I’m so glad to be a part of the Rangers and to meet you,” Lafrenier said at some point in the draft. “I hope you have a great night. Can’t wait to see you.”

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