Burnley profit from own goal and Shaga red card Arsenal beat again Football

There are Arsenal In a deportation fight? That question will be nonsense in the coming months. But this awful defeat brings a new depth, and it’s hard to see how the current set of players who blow Michael Artetta’s confidence weekly in their face are digging themselves out.

They sought a goal from the fighting Captain Pierre-Emerick Abamayang; They did not expect it to go into its own web 15 minutes after Granit Shaga changed the color of the game with a goofy red card for his violent behavior against Ashley Westwood. It was a deserving success Burnley, And the first match against Arsenal since 1974. For their part, Arsenal have lost four consecutive home games for the first time since 1959. The logs are smashed; The team itself seems broken.

Artetta spoke eloquently about his players’ reaction in training to the heavy but likely-mild defeat they had at Spurs last weekend, and gave a brief shift to the outlandish idea that senior team members were humiliating him. So it was no surprise that Derby Day openers were called up for another turn, with the exception of the injured Thomas Party. Presumably the logic is that against a side that is as goalie as Burnley, Arsenal can count on them to use what they have.

Any such idea should have been foolishly exposed within 14 minutes. When Robbie Brady was allowed to move the ball to his left foot, he could take advantage of Burnley’s two bouncy strikers, Chris Wood and Jay Rodriguez, every inch. The exception to Brady’s inswing crucifix was Gabriel McGulles, who was counted out of office incessantly and was not fully marked in front of Wood’s posts. He didn’t even need to jump, but, closing his eyes away from the plane, saw Bern Lenovo’s target spread wide with his shoulder.

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This is a significant thing for Arsenal, who started out bright with little hope. Alexandre Lacazette, again in 10th place, misjudged an attempted volley from Willian’s header in the opening minutes, after which Abameyang’s angled shot was widely deflected. By the time Wood missed they had begun to act very smoothly and had their own reasons for regretting that the break had not progressed.

A lot has been done by Arsenal’s failed crosses in the last fortnight, but when the delivery is on time and the recipient is clearly identified, there is nothing remotely wrong with that construction method. Buccaneer Saga proved the point with a brilliant, flat ball that found Rob Holding 15 yards out in space. Caught and nodded one foot above. Kieran Tyrney seemed to have more of a chance as a starter when he went to the by-line, after cutting precisely, failing to get a pass to Sagara, but Nick Pope saved Lacazette’s punched effort with his feet.

Rising above Burnley’s defense, Gabriel went wide when he did the hard part. But the list of fears for Sean Tych’s side was not further extended, and they still had a vision when Holding blocked a meatball from Rodriguez.

In fact Arsenal did not show enough. They needed cool heads and responsible leadership to lead them to a successful position, but had to do with Shaga, his dismissal at a time when a position seemed realistic. It’s hard to say exactly what angered Shaga during the melee, which he triggered after breaking Dwight McNeill perfectly. A VAR check showed he had Ashley Westwood wrapped around his throat, and the effect was a little doubtful when Graham Scott looked at his pitched monitor.

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Pierre-Emerick Abameyang's title slips into Arsenal's net as he scores his own goal that led to Burnley's victory.

Pierre-Emerick Abameyang’s title slips into Arsenal’s net as he scores his own goal that led to Burnley’s victory. Photo: Tom Jenkins / The Guardian

Prior to that, Arsenal began working for the Pope without fail. Before going straight to the keeper, Abermeyang bites Dirney for a shot that was saved downhill. Saga forced a bar after Willian was the center. A few minutes later Shaga humiliated himself and now the balance of the game is completely uncertain.

Burnley realized that the screw would turn immediately, and would have succeeded if Ben Meek had got the right contact in the left side corner; Soon, they got it from the same source. Mohamed Elneni removed his own red card when Westwood returned. Abameyang challenged on a nearby post, and although he won the ball, he wiped his head and stayed in the far corner of Lenovo so he could only watch with horror. The first booze of the Kovit-19 era was heard at the Emirates stand.

Abameyang slipped when he had half the chance to make corrections. Arsenal have been huffed and puffed and less than anyone currently remembers.

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