Raphael Korea seeks refuge in Belgium and avoids deportation to Ecuador | International

Raphael Korea seeks refuge in Belgium and avoids deportation to Ecuador |  International
File photo of former President Rafael Correa attending a book launch in November 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Natasha Bisarenko (AB)

Security Raphael Korea This is faster than justice in Ecuador. Belgium has recognized the former president of Ecuador as a refugee seven days before the Latin American National Court announced this Friday that it would lead to a deportation order. After being sentenced in 2020, Korea will have to serve its sentence for bribery in its own country.

The General Commissioner for Refugees and Stateless Persons in Belgium ruled on 15 April. EFE, Resolution granting refugee status to those who have ruled Ecuador for ten years. After Rafael Correa left the presidency in 2017, he moved to the European country where his wife lives. He once again returned to Ecuador, campaigning against a referendum called by President-elect Lenin Moreno, in which the re-election ban was voted on in more than two polling stations, which closed Korea’s return to Ecuador. Politics. Since then the former president has faced and received numerous legal action in his country The only conviction for bribery was eight years in prison And 25 years of political disqualification.

Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry told EL PAS that Rafael Korea had not officially received or confirmed refugee status in Belgium until Friday afternoon. The extradition order issued by the National Court for the transfer of the Belgian authorities did not reach foreign affairs. Court President Ivan Saquicela has filed a new extradition request in a bribery case in which Korea is accused of being an indirect culprit in a conspiracy over illicit campaign contributions received by his party, Allianza PAIS, between 2012 and 2016. .

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Previously there were two international deportation orders, one for the same bribery case and the other for the process Opposition legislator Fernando Balta has reportedly been abducted. Interpol has not yet issued a Red Alert against Korea. “Political asylum is a recognition that everything is political persecution, but keep pouring out your hatred, which helps people to trust you less,” the former president, who knew of Belgium’s decision, tweeted. Argument from persecution and By lawThe abuse of justice against him has been a constant thread of his defense.

HeDespite attempts to imprison the former president of Ecuador, Korea has held political or educational meetings outside Belgium in recent years. He visited Honduran President Siomaro Castro last March to advise on economic affairs. He has been in power in Mexico, Spain or under President Alberto Fernandez in 2019 as Argentina.

Christophe Markand, Korea’s lawyer for international affairs, explained to a local newspaper Express “A person who has the right to asylum, international security, freedom of movement throughout the EU, and a refugee passport.” According to the lawyer, “he can travel as he pleases and has no restrictions on the release of statements, his freedom of political expression.”

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