RD asserts that the country will only serve illegal Haitians in an emergency

RD asserts that the country will only serve illegal Haitians in an emergency

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesus Cho Vazquez Martinez, confirmed this Sunday that the country is unable to provide assistance to the large number of working Haitian women who arrive in the country on work.

“The Dominican country is not able to solve the problems of the Dominicans, the Dominicans and the Haitians together, and we have to understand that only emergency cases are dealt with in the Dominican Republic, and the other cases are Haiti that has to take on this problem,” he said.

Vázquez Martinez insisted that the international community should intervene in the economic, political and social crisis facing the neighboring country of Haiti.

“There are also teams that are dedicated to this kind of training and we have to … we can’t go on, what are we going to do with the Dominicans? Is it easy for the state to increase the capacity to serve Haitian and Dominican women?”

When asked about a complaint that a Haitian woman during labor broke water inside one of the DGMM’s cars when she was being held, Vasquez confined himself to saying that the decision by the National Migration Board was for the cases to be heard. to me. An emergency situation for violators.

He said we must continue to strengthen the borders to prevent migrants from entering the country Ilegal.

He specified that the responsibility of the state was towards Dominicans and legal aliens.

“We have an obligation with the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Republic and we have to respond legally to Dominicans and foreigners living in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

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Vásquez Martinez made these statements at the head of the first meeting “The First Meeting of the Coexistence of a Safe Homeland”, in the La Zorza district of the National District.

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