Real Madrid became the first club to score a thousand goals in the Champions League

Real Madrid became the first club to score a thousand goals in the Champions League

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Gallery of Real Madrid Reached a thousand goals in Champions League, Which is the most successful club 13 topics have been raised, Now the highest scorer in the history of the competition, Kareem Benzema Merengus recorded his name in history in the prestigious competition.

The first goal he scored for the team was when the cat inscribed his name in gold letters Shakhtar Donetsk From Ukraine At the Santiago Bernabeu, it passed from the 14th minute Vinicius Jr..

The first goal in history Madrid On the inside European Cup It was on the side Miguel Munoz, When Alfredo Di Stafano He was responsible for scoring the 100th goal in history.

500 was the target job Jose Maria Gutierrez ‘Cub’ And Cristiano Ronaldo Who was in charge of scoring 800 and 900 goals, so now the French Kareem Benzema You can now add your name to this list of historians.

Scored two goals by Benzyma In view Shakhtar, The French player has already scored 63 goals Champions League With the shirt Madrid, Getting three Raul Gonzalez Second leading scorer in White history with 66 runs.

Bayern Munich, closest to Madrid

He with a thousand goals Real Madrid The team that scored the most goals in this match, followed by Bayern Munich It adds 763 annotations Barcelona That includes 654 goals.

Belongs to the fourth and fifth places Manchester United It adds 527 goals Turin Juventus With 464 goals.

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