Real Madrid vs. Chelsea – Match Report – 12 April, 2022

Real Madrid vs.  Chelsea – Match Report – 12 April, 2022

Benzema, like London, signed the miracle before a resistance training session, before a happy ending with intervention from Cர்டrdobais to GH.

(EFE) .- With a new dose of misery, Real Madrid qualified for the Champions League semi-finals in extra time when they saw once again that they had lost everything after throwing their two-goal advantage in London on a fateful and heroic night. With a purpose, of course, from Kareem Benzema.

The ten semifinals in the last twelve editions of the Champions League are a testament to an undeniable force, a gene that appears in those crucial moments, that determines the fights for greatness in those crucial moments. The unique ability to wake up when everything seems lost. No one can argue with the Real Madrid team about his path or his extreme suffering. Come to Earth from a magical night PSGPlaying without defense, it was full of the uncertainty of a team that knocked out the reigning champions.

So much earlier respect show. Many warnings of misery ensued as the players jumped on the pitch and snatched it. Without the ball, excessive withdrawal. The frightened Real Madrid team was forced to play the unknown, driven by Chelsea’s only risk remaining.

The failure of the classic left lessons that seemed to be learned. The intensity on the team did not diminish Carlo Ancelotti. There was no overconfidence, but the defensive level error gave Chelsea what they needed and there was tension and impotence. A goal in the first quarter.

Real Madrid did not show their strength in the Vinicius race before the rival’s call to run in the counterattack. Security of three துச்செல் It was a proclamation of purpose and the trump card began to win from the clear superiority in midfield. None of the four Madrid midfielders were able to step on the ball and breathe in the ‘Carleto’ repeat tactical race. Overflowing at all times.

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Rainfall was called bad in a big game. They had Praise and NachoHis dance partner in his absence Army. The two came out of the striker’s movement and left where he appeared Mason Mount And it was too late Carvajal. His accurate shot calmed Bernabeu.

No atmosphere PSG. Two of London’s Co-Ahead goals were deducted from the emotional factor that ignited Real Madrid. His team responded to Kylian Mbabane’s over-dominance and should have done so in the face of Chelsea’s tactical superiority. Cordois In the first active, two scenarios KovacicBut it left a good warning of what was to come.

Real Madrid did not score throughout the first half and their lead from the first leg disappeared in the 51st minute. Another oversight against a player who should never be released in a set piece action. From a corner that is not, Rudigar He ended up with a title in the joy of establishing fear in a Bernabeu as dull as his team. The advantage is gone.

The plan had to change. It is time to express character and get out of his laziness. When he appeared to have regained his identity with a cruise free kick, the Chelsea goalkeeper flew in and hit the whip. Hope Valverde Brushing against the team came with a warning that could cause more than one heart attack. A mistake Ferland Mendy It ended with Marcos Alonso with his right hand in the upper corner, one hand canceled from the VAR, his first attempt to cross was rejected. Carvajal Beat him without will.

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The twist of fate should help the expected reaction, but not when Bernabeu reacted and Benzyma Collided crossbar with a header, came the eleventh defensive error and disappointment Cordois. MendyPlaying without one hundred percent, Alba sat down and hurried before Werner’s cut who still had time to score the night’s goal.

Failure was inhaled without any reaction from the bench. That’s when Cordois became equal. There is no game without a save and a save he made Diego Silva The entrance to the scene was just as decisive Kemavinga And Rodrigo. The success of the film ‘Carletto’. He did not score in the Brazilian League, but did not lose in the Champions League. In one of those passes that was registered MatrixWith the outside of his foot, behind the rival defense, the striker made extra time.

The football scene was not in favor of Real Madrid. நாச்சோ He fell injured and is now gone Cosmiro Field, as changed Cruise. Two pillars made of water. Carvajal Central link, Marcelo and Lucas Of pages. With a defense he never thought to align Anchalotti One of the hardest moments to explain came to Bernabeu.

The game ended with two clear chances wasted in front of goal Police And, nevertheless, the risk of Real Madrid extension is the first step, from physical strength KemavingaWhen Vinicius He put the required suspension to the measured center for the tie player. BenzymaHead like London, an intervention signed miracle before an anti-training Crdobais to Giuseppe Before the happy ending.

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