Celia Lora flaunts her lush curves in a Playboy swimsuit from Riviera Maya

Celia Lora flaunts her lush curves in a Playboy swimsuit from Riviera Maya

Celia Lora He took advantage of one of his recent trips to the Riviera Maya Playboy revealed a swimsuit that showcased her seductive beauty When diving into a pool.

The Mexican model continues to gain followers on social networks, as she continues to expose herself to acting, as she tests the audition with dangerously transparent underwear that leaves little to the imagination, and she also reveals her exciting features with suits from the bathroom. Convince yourself why she’s an expert as she flaunts her beauty on camera.

During her trip to Quintana Roo, Mexico, she took advantage of the perfect weather to express her sensuality. In a fuzzy two-piece swimsuit he bathed in clear water. Also, the daughter of singer Alex Lora has the honor of being the first model to appear on the cover of the famous Bunny magazine in America, so she never gets tired of dressing up anywhere in the world. The Playboy logo should be displayed in a slightly provocative manner.

The hot postcard, which garnered thousands of heart-shaped reactions in a matter of hours, triggered a shower of praise in which his loyal fans appreciated this type of release.

However, this isn’t the only time the Mexican model has raised the temperature for modeling daring swimwear, because weeks ago she caught fire for sharing another scandalous snapshot in which she exposed her voluptuous silhouette that has become a true representative of Playboy.

The controversial former participant of La Casa de los Famosos poses while sitting on the edge of the pool, the same swimsuit is shown from behind, exposing how she looks from this sexy angle. 38 years.

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Of course, Celia Lora showed off some tattoos adorning the skin of her back, which surely fell in love with more than one person.

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