Real Madrid vs. Manchester City – Match Report – May 4, 2022

Real Madrid vs.  Manchester City – Match Report – May 4, 2022

Madrid (EFE) – When Pep Cardiola defeated the epic Madridista with undeniable superiority. In a fight that felt like Manchester City had been penalized with a goal from Mahrez, the impossible marked a new comeback in Real Madrid history, with Rodrigo and Karim Benzema getting a brace in the space of one minute through extra time. The final match in Paris after the last magical night of the memorable ‘Champions’ of Santiago Bernabeu.

This is not just epic. It is the heart, believing in its possibilities until the last breath. This is football. It is the inheritance of a gene, a specialized DNA that is passed down from generation to generation. Casimiro is already on the field without Cruz or Motrich. With a few fearless youngsters not weighed down by the shield, Real Madrid made its history when they lost everything. The only team in the world capable of repeating every tie until the final. Making a new turn with two goals in extra time that seemed to be penalized.

In a ‘Champions’ he saw Eddie in the abyss on several occasions, realizing that a goal from Ancelotti City was the final sentence. In the exchange of blows, in the madness of Etihad, he never saw his superior team. And it was preserved from the beginning. Despite playing on fire at the Bernabeu like never before, Fedo Valverde planned to come alive at the decisive moment of the last ‘fourth’ tie.

If each European tie is divided into four parts, only one team in the world can win and the remaining three will be defeated. It was seen against PSG when it served half an hour to add a new comeback to the long list of legend-shaping. That was the plan of ‘Carleto’, who sowed low black and excessive respect for a city with a limited identity, well known to Bernabeu by that ‘Cardiola Hallmark’.

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Pep usually represents a style that is detrimental to Real Madrid, and he was able to inject into an English team. He enjoyed it as a footballer in Barcelona and sowed it as a coach at a time when it was hard to match. From there it was his challenge to win the ‘Champions’ with another club and again he fell by the wayside. Playing to the rhythm of Bernardo Silva his City always wanted the ball, creating space for the team to continue the ball with two open ends, de Bruyne appearing in space, causing Cruz’s back pain and Gabriel Jesus ready to hook. She could have gotten up at any moment. He wanted to dominate ‘other football’, as he had already demonstrated in Metropolitano, and Madrid lost his time to stop the pace.

That’s when Ancelotti’s team was reduced to the first active. City’s command suffocated under pressure. With four ways but nothing can build. A spider got caught in the web, which caused continuous losses of defenses at the exit point. Vinicius’ speed is only related to the quality of the tripling. Without contact with the Benzema ball, Real Madrid is less Real Madrid. Nevertheless, in the Champions League of his career, the Frenchman attracted two centers as a song of hope. Nothing on target.

After the Madrid rush, City put anesthesia in the game and forced Real Madrid to lock themselves in until it was captured and threatened with a decentralized shot from de Bruyne, with Gabriel Jesus running down the inspiration of the Belgian goalkeeper. Shepherd the square in another shot with more intent.

To beat Cardiola’s style, the heart is not enough, which Real Madrid has in abundance, by definition should include quality football with success. Also, in what he visualized on Etihad, Ancelotti’s team was absent until the last breath of the second half, in which he played on the expected identity change.

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The moment marked in the plan has arrived. He left the locker room to bite, and he had a chance to mark the game in 15 seconds. Karvajal found the spot for the first time through Cancello’s mistake, Karim did not reach the center, and in the second post, alone, putting everything to score, Vinicius rediscovered the image of his past. He hit the ball off the balance instead of setting the boot to send the ball into the net, and Ederson hit with no chance of reaching it.

They are variants of the brave ‘Winnie’ who listens to the ball and leaves everyone in the next action, with a unique ability to clear a mistake from his head. Modric scored with a back pass after he had attracted all the rivals, but the Croatian also forgave after poor control. No success but the panorama has already changed. The city was thin with fear. The beast awoke.

It was time to deal with all the records, stopping the white seals with a loss of time cooling the fight. With Rodrigo’s entry, as he had planned, Ancelotti showed the personality to seat Cruz after his anger when he sought out his plan b. The savior against Chelsea, in a scoring streak, will leave an indelible moment for the rest of his life.

Prior to this, Real Madrid stumbled to move 4-3-3, losing a goal that seemed crucial to them. Bernardo Silva finished his classroom run, splitting rival defense and assisting Mahrez. In the goalkeeper post, as Cordois defeated himself early on, he put his shot in the top corner. A punch that fatally wounded any team, except for one that could not be considered a penalty

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There seemed to be no room for wonder. When City realized the English final in Paris. When it appeared that the environmental factor was not affected as much as PSG and Chelsea, a Real Madrid without its three midfielders in the midfield, alternatively, showed pride until the end and raised the balance in extra time.

He was still alive, thanks to Mendy who saved Greeleish’s goal under the goal line, giving another clear apology to Real Madrid who appeared to be broken. He was only gathering strength for his last attempt. In a magical moment, Rodrigo started two nails to history, appearing hungry at Karim’s pass and carrying Carvajal Cross to the top corner.

Ancelotti’s team returned to bury the inferiority complex in the tie. No one in the city understood what had happened. If Ederson does not block Rodrigo’s third game, he could be sent off early. In this situation, no one can handle Real Madrid with adequate physique and unmatched competitiveness. Benzema forgave the first time of extra time, the second time Ruben Diaz was knocked down, he came late and made a penalty. The ‘Champions’ did not apologize for scoring too much. The miracle was already true.

Cardiola turned to Sterling, and it was time to escape from the dream and suffer from his own medicine. Real Madrid took the game home and as the minutes went by, Cordois saved the goal with his regular saving, on a shot scored only by Fernando in the second post, which would have result in penalties. Four years later he meets Liverpool again in the Champions League.

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