Real Madrid will meet Liverpool in the quarterfinals …

Real Madrid will meet Liverpool in the quarterfinals …

Draw for the quarterfinals this Friday at 12 noon Champions League. F.C. Barcelona were not in exaggeration, but he was Real Madrid, Who will play Liverpool in the next round of the Champions League. The Madridists will face the ‘Reds’ in search of a place in the semifinals, and will re-announce the Merings win in the 2018 final.

The Madrid will play the first leg on April 6 at the Alfredo de Stefano Stadium., Will be back a week later on the 14th of the same month or at Anfield. Playing round at home is generally suitable for the English, who find it very difficult to win with the support of the fans. However, in an epidemic environment where there are no civilians in the stadiums, the English will lose that advantage.

Also, you should Keep in mind that this Liverpool will arrive in a very short time in the long run. The Globes are sixth in the Premier League and it will not be easy for them to qualify for the next Champions League, as they are five points behind Chelsea, which is fourth. The team-spreading sentiments are not good, which gives the impression that physically almost all players are below one point than in recent seasons.

As if that weren’t enough, the ‘Reds’ have been dealing with injuries to their two starting centers and their replacement the entire season all season. Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Mattip will miss ‘Go’ and Quarters. The loss of the seriously injured Dutchman at the beginning of the course is dramatic Anfield, for those who have lost their defensive leader and the entire defensive system is structured for the player.

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Despite all this, Liverpool continue to have intimidating footballers like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane or Diego Alcondara. Of the big competitors that could start Madrid, this is definitely the most accessible. However, a Globe team is always dangerous and with breaks Salah, Mane or Roberto Firmino can destroy the Madrid defensive line, which has suffered a lot against this campaign.

Madrid excludes ‘Cocos’ Bayern and City

However, this is one for Meringes Good news except Bayern Munich and Manchester City, who are taller than the ‘red’ team, And they are the big ‘coconuts’ of the draw. In addition, Paris Saint-Germain, which is one step below the Bavarians and ‘Citizens’, may have a higher risk compared to Liverpool compared to Kylian Mbabane and Neymar Jr., so it is also advantageous for whites to avoid the Parisians.

That is to say The men of Zinedine Zidane are very lucky with the side of the frame they are on, Because they will not only avoid Bayern, PSG or City in the quarterfinals, but also in the semifinals. If they pass, the whites will face the winner of Porto-Chelsea. The Portuguese will clearly be easy, but the ‘Blues’, despite their excellent moment, are still more affordable than the three teams mentioned.

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