Real Spain legend and Motaco forgot the crisis by beating Honduras

Real Spain legend and Motaco forgot the crisis by beating Honduras


Games (Day 16):
Motagua 3-2 Honduran improvement Final done
The real community 0-1 Olympia Final done
Royal Spain 3-1 Success Final done
Platteness 1-0 Marathon Final done
Lifespan 4-2 UPN Final done

It’s over! Vida overturned UPN, beating La Ceiba 4-2. Ceibeños wash their faces and enter the qualifying stages.

86 ‘GOOOLLLL OF LIFE! Rafael Agámez increases the lead and defeats Cocoderos 4-2 in UPA LA Ceiba.

The marathon has not yet reached the qualifying stages in one competition, where they qualified for 6 out of 10. They were 4 points away from sixth. Crisis in the Demon’s Cave.

82 ‘ Vida defeated UPN 3-2 in La Ceiba. The red players changed the score.

Final: Modagua beat Honduras Progresso 3-2, scoring two goals in the final minutes to put the Eagles in trouble, adding three wins in a row.

Nothing more! There is joy in the harbor; The Plato defeated the Marathon and with a goal from Captain Jorge Cardona, they defeated the Green Monster.

Term Real Sociedad lost at Olympia against Olympia. The Lions beat the oil producers 0-1 with a single goal from Edwin Rodriguez.

It’s over! Real Espana beat Victoria 3-1 to break records; Hector Vargas is the most consistently successful coach in all history and has surpassed Real Espana Olympia’s 10 consecutive victories. Crazy!

90 ‘ The Plattens continue to have a major victory against the marathon at Excelsior.

86 ‘GOOOALLL! Javier Martinez has put Modagua in a tense position and they are getting closer on the scoreboard; Get 3-2 on ribereños board.

59 ‘GOOOOLLLLLL OF LIFE! Juan Contreras, who had just entered, was with him, turning the score against UPN in Vida La Ceiba.

82 ‘GOOOALLL! Giovanni Martinez puts the discount on the scoreboard; The Motacua Blues won 3-1.

54 ‘GOOOLLLL OF LIFE! Anthony Garcia dies in La Ceiba against UPN

76 ‘GOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Walter Martinez hit his brace on the return leg and the Blues knocked out Honduras Progresso.

With these results, the table compiled for the six points in dispute will turn red:

8. Honduras improvement: 34
9. Royal Society: 33
10. Plate: 28

75 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jerry Pengson
Left: Eustin Arbolita

75 ‘Change in Olympia
Entered: Carlos Pineta
Left: Edwin Rodriguez

72 ‘ Change in Real Society:
Entered: Rodney Bernardes
Left: Christopher Urmenetta

72 ‘True Spanish call! Lago Jr. also uses the former law and gets Victoria third in the Morazan.

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65 ‘GOOOALLLLLL! Walter Martinez returned to football and he does it in a big way … scoring a great goal.

66 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jose Pinto
Left: Rodrigo Rodriguez

62 ‘ Change in Platteness:
Entered: Joshua Nieto
Left: Edson Rocha

60 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Carlos Magia
Left: Jesse Moncota

60 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Walter Martinez
Left: Jonathan Nunes

62 ‘ Success change:
Entered: Marcelo Canales
Left: Carlos Roses

54 ‘ Phew salvadota del Platense. The marathon presses Porto Cortez for a draw.

56 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Victor Perios
Left: Christian Gallix

56 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Reynolds Mayerquin
Left: Louis Garrido

45 + 2 ‘UPN GOOOLLLL! Rembrandt Flores scored his goal and the Oranges convert the score against Vida in La Ceiba.

Real Spanish 59 ‘GOOOOOLL! Joe Benavidas scored the second goal with a header and center from the right against Victoria, and the Professors converted the score.

43 ‘UPN GOOOALLLLL! César Guillén uses the previous law and vaccinated for life; Scholars equate 1-1 with coconut palms in La Ceiba.

Edwin Rodrguez’s best target

The second half began: Motacua and Honduras Progresso are already in the process of completing the competition.

The real Spain 48 ‘GOOOALLLLL! Ketzel Montes showed his physical prowess and scored a header against Victoria at Morasan.

46 ‘ Change in Real Society:
Left: Telson Fikurova
Entered: Daniel Rocha

Filling stage begins: Real Sociedad and Olympia are already playing their second half in Olanzito.

The second half began: Real Spain and Victoria Morason are in danger at the ground.

25 ‘ In La Ceiba, Vita at least defeated UPN with a note from Plecha Bernadette.

First time completed: The Plato defeated the Porto Cortes Marathon 1-0 with a single goal from Jorge Cardona.

Four. Five ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Lucas Campana
Came out: Ovidio Lanza

End of first half: Olympia beat Real Sociedad 0-1 with a goal from Edwin Rodriguez in Olanzito.

45 + 3 ‘ Olympia’s arrival by Cyrinos, but Jospே Pineda came out to cut and sent the ball to the corner kick.

42 ‘ Pew … Jondான்n Nunes scored on the crossbar and was saved in the Honduran Progresso Tegucigalpa.

23 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Odin Ramos
Left: Elmer Güity

8 ‘Goal Goal is the goal of life! Marvin Bernadette started the score in La Ceiba, and the Coconut Reds beat UPN.

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39 ‘GOOOALLL from Olympia! Edwin Rodriguez pulled a beautiful goal out of his sleeve. Played by Sirinos’ left sector, a mark was given to Edwin, who knocked down Pineda with a superb shot.

33 ‘GOOOOOOLLLL FROM PLATENSE! Jorge Cardona set the Sharks to victory against the marathon. Jorge Cardona is credited first.

35 ‘Victoria Cowell! Alexei Vega’s goal. Jurdozo and the milkmen of the distance are placed above the machine in the morass. Vega’s goal.

31 ‘GOOOOOLL! Jesse Mongota finished first in the Blues against Honduras Progresso. Right-centered Juan Delcado and the skinny man closed the clamp 1-0.

29 ‘ Real Espana and Victoria Morason are in a constant draw at the ground.

UPN vs Vita Row: Roberto Lopez; Juan Montes, h. Sanchez, Marcos Velasquez, Ellison Rivas, Danilo Palacios, Anthony Garcia, Victor Blasco, Marvin Bernardes, Jr .; Senteno and Patrick Ferreira.

Vida alignment against UPN: Gerson Argueta, Jack Baptiste, Pablo Cacho, Lesvin Medina, Oliver Morazán, Rembrandt Flores, César Guillén, Elder Torres, Robel Bernárdez, Axel Gomez and Jefryn Macías.

12 ‘ Olanchito will not be with Real Sociedad at Olympia. There are no dangerous plays. Still 0-0.

This is in the game! They face each other on the 16th in the beautiful Puerto Cortés Platense and Marath.

The beginning! Real Espana and Victoria confronted each other at the Morazan Stadium without spectators as a result of the penalty imposed on the machine practice.

Launched! In Olanzito, Real Sociedad plays against Olympia.

Launched! In Tegucigalpa, Modagua and Honduras Progresso play on the 16th.

Plato’s line against the marathon: Rafa Junica; Senior Ramos, Andre Orellana, David Montoya, Elias Garcia, Fedo Maya, Marcos Martinez, Jorge Cardona, Edson Rocha, Alvaro Klusener and William Moncota.

Marathon series against Plattens: Louis Ortiz; Elmer Güity, Luis Vega, Luis Garrido, Allans Vargas, Braian Molina, Juan Vieyra, Víctor Berros, José Aguilera; Edwin Solano and Ovidio Lanza.

Real Spain 11 against Victoria: Louis Lopez; Kevin Alvarez, Devron Garcia, Ketzel Montes, Franklin Flores, Maron Flores, Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavides, Carlos Mejia, Omar Rosas and Jr. Lago.

11 wins against Real Spain: Harold Fonseka, Jose Cologne, Kenneth Hernandez, Alexei Vega, Marco Tulio Vega, Domin Ramirez, Alan Panegas, Arnoldo Urbina, Yodel Lahera, Oscar Chuvaso, Marcelo Canales.

Modagua’s alignment against Honduras: Marlon Ligona, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos, Denil Maldonado, Wesley Decas, Jonathan Nunes, Hector Castellanos, Jesse Moncada, Juan Delcado, Evan Lopez, Roberto Morera.

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Alignment of Honduras Progresso and Modagua: Andres Salazar; Angel Barrios, Alberto Paradis, Oydel Perez, Victor Arras; Selvin Guevara, Leslie Heraldes, Jose Quiros, Unni Dolmo; Eric Antino and Christian Sakasa.

11 Olympia Starter: Edrick Menjívar, Flix Crisanto, Jonathan Paz, Jhony Leveron, Javier Portillo, German Mejía, Boniek García, R. Rodríguez, Michael Chirinos, Yustin Arboleda.

11 Real Sociedad Holders: Jose Pineta, Tyrone Martinez, Christopher Urmenetta, Cliffox Bernardes, Sonny Fernandez, Kelvin Matteo, Jீர்rg Guttierez, Tester Monico, Telson Ficurova, Achim Roche and Ronnie Martinez.

6:32 p.m. From San Pedro Sula!

6:20 p.m. Olympia coach Pablo Lavallen arrives at the stadium. Mlingue will try to defeat Real Sociedad to once again target the leadership of the Glasura 2021-22 tournament.

6:00 p.m. From Olanchito! The Olympia team arrived at the San George Stadium.

5:55 p.m. From Tegucigalpa! 1 hour before the start of the match Honduras Progresso and Mottagua team chatted.

5:30 p.m. From San Pedro Sula! Club Deportivo Victoria arrived at the Morazn ground ahead of their commitment against Real Espana.


Tonight may be a record night for thisl Royal Spain Or salvation to him The real community On the 16th day of the match when the ball starts to roll The final match of the Honduran National League is 2021-22.

Commanded State Committee Hector Vargas, Trying to break the streak Olympia with 10 wins in a row against Victoria DickAnd Solomon Nasser He points out the leadership again and threatens to darken the party.

The Argentine strategist draws his tenth consecutive victory and equals 10 wins. Mario Griffin and Edwin Bowen

This meeting will play all the highlights of this date behind closed doors Morason Ground.

It will not be the only game that translates to morbidity and drama, but will be its protagonist Real Sociedad receives Olympia Is in it San Jorge de Olanchito Stadium, andIf the Tocoeños win this game, no matter what happens, they will find their salvation from the exit. Plato before the marathon in Porto Cortes.

The truth is, Selassie is in the playoff classification stages in box 6 with 19 points, but presses into 8 units in the accumulated table. Royal Society Co.In the hope that the opinion of the Commission of Appeal regarding the present case will be in their favor.

Day 16 – 7:00 pm Full file

Modagua Versus. Honduras Progresso / Diego Sports (Referee Alex Morason)

Real Sociedad vs Olympia / Channel 11 (Raul Castro)

Marathon / Deco Sports against Plato (Referee Selvin Brown)

Real Spain vs Victoria / TVC (The referee said Martinez)

Life vs Wolves UpNFM / Deco Sports (Referee Louis Mejia)

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