Real Spain were afraid of Olympia de Troglio and missed the opportunity to approach them in the standings.

Real Spain were afraid of Olympia de Troglio and missed the opportunity to approach them in the standings.


Olympia He needed to win to be on top motagua s Royal Spain Hurry to win to ensure his ticket to the league and the tie was incomplete without goals in Morazan Stadium.

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The whites presented themselves with a hit they received the day before against Olancho FC.They wanted to wash their faces Peter Truglio In a duel that was complicated against the boys Hector Vargas.

in the 13th minute Junior Footman He missed a very clear chance, but I saw him didn’t give him the right direction after the free kick Jaw Benavidez. The match started very close. in a backlash, Brian Moya Saw in good shape Michael Chirinos And in the race, select the wing weak against the goal Bubba Lopez.

The Olympia He passed the opponent’s goal and the next time it was Joseph Mario Pintowhen facing rivals, dared to end where Bubba Lopez stop in two stages. And roughly, at 39, Jose Garcia He managed to advance before the bad start of Bubba Lopez The oringra hut’s ball expanded.

In the last seconds of the first attacking part Jason Mejia He made a great play where he was shot Edric Mengevar Who responded on a spike, sent the ball toward the corner kick.

– The real Espara didn’t take advantage –

The 51st minute has barely passed when the referee Happy Martinez kicked out Brian Moya After combing against Carlos Mejia in the midfield. The referee did not hesitate to act. The lion stayed with 10 players.

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Pedro Baez He was recently on the field when he had the first chance and he headed the ball over the goal. Paraguay was about to score.

The lion regained his offensive memory again when he approached the goal Bubba Lopez with clips Michael Chirinos s Jorge Alvarez. Before leaving the field to switch Kevin Alvarez The right side missed the terrible exit Edric Mengevar And the header passed kissing the right post to the merengue goal.

Olympia Put in the field experience Jerry Bengtsson s Punic Garcia. In 82 controversy arose, pass from Josh Figueroa To Bengtson, he storms back and is selected for a head-to-head against Buba, but is penalized for an offside. Stock was tight.

The final whistle at the legendary Sampedrano Stadium and both clubs shared points in the 14th history of the Apertura Championship thus Royal Spain Missed an opportunity to narrow the gap in the standings with Figo Leon.

Technical sheet from Real Espara – Olympia

(0) The Real Spain
Luis Lopez
Franklin flowers
Jetzel Montes
Devron Garcia
Kevin Alvarez <
>> Gerson Chavez (72)
Myron Flores
Jaw Benavidez
Carlos Mejia
Jason Mejia
Ramiro Roca <
>> Carlos Bernardez (81)
Junior Footman <
>> Pedro Baez (61)
DT Hector Vargas.

Yellow: Junior Lacayo (47), Myron Flores (89).

Rojas: There was no one.

Objectives: There was nothing.

(0) Olympia
Edric Mengevar
Maylor Nunez
Jose Garcia
Brian Pickles
Carlos Sanchez <
>> Gabriel Araujo (53)
Charles Pineda
Jorge Alvarez <
>> German Mejia (67)
Joseph Mario Pinto <
>> Gusman Figueroa (67)
Michael Chirinos <
>> Punic Garcia (83)
Brian Moya
Jorge Benguchi <
>> Jerry Bengtson (83)
DT Peter Truglio

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Yellow cards: Carlos Sanchez (13), Carlos Pineda (55), Ponick Garcia (90 + 3) and Brian Bekeles (90 + 3).

Reds: Brian Moya (51).

Objectives: There was nothing.

Referee: Said Martinez

Stadium: Morazan.

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