“Sometimes the pressure gets to you”

“Sometimes the pressure gets to you”

The Portuguese struck a new note with minutes to play at Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldowho left the team against Chelsea for refusing to play in the final minutes against Tottenham HotspurHe explained that respect for his teammates has always been very important to him and that sometimes the pressure of the moment “gets the better of you”.

The Portuguese set a new fire at Old Trafford when his side left the match victorious 2-0 to Tottenham When there are still a few minutes left to play. The star refused to play, seeing himself pushed to the bench, which earned him a penalty Eric Den HaagHe was not included in the list to be measured Chelsea This Saturday.

“As I’ve always done throughout my career. I’ve tried to live and play with respect for my teammates, my coaches and my competitors. That hasn’t changed. I haven’t changed. I’m the same person and the same professional as the last 20. Over the years, respect has always been paramount in my decision-making, ” Cristiano said on Instagram.

“From a young age, the most experienced players have been my role model. Now, I try to be a role model for the younger ones. Sometimes it’s not possible, the pressure of the moment overcomes us.”

“Now I feel I have to work hard at Carrington, support my teammates and be ready for anything in the next match. Giving in to pressure is not an option. It’s not always. Man Utd And we must be united. We will meet again soon.” Christian.

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After the game, same Have a hack He says he enjoys success first and then worries about how he’s going to cope in the locker room, specifically, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Finally, the Dutch helmsman’s decision was made and communicated to the board, who showed their approval and support to the head of the Red Devils’ bench.

So far, so far this season, Christian Amassed 12 appearances and 691 minutes in all competitions, scoring two goals, one Premier League And one more UEFA Europe League.

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