Real Spain wins a precious draw with Platenci at Excelsior and remains ahead – Diez

Real Spain wins a precious draw with Platenci at Excelsior and remains ahead – Diez

Minute by minute Platense vs. Real Spain

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game over: Platenci and Real España drew 2-2 in a great match at Excelsior Stadium.

90 ‘ Referee indicates 3 minutes of substitution at Excelsior. Aurinegros tries a free kick.

86 ‘ Darrickson center is back to the right, Rosas gets up and calls his head, Pineda pulls it out halfway, but the ball crashes in Martinez and goes into the net.

GOOOOOOOOL from the real Spain! In the 86th minute, Marco Martinez scored an own goal and made the match 2-2 with Platenci.

The change in platense: Jose Montoya entering Aldo Fajardo at 85.

Looking for! Vuelta opened for Rosas on the right and took a poor oath that went to the finish line. Real Spain roars 83.

Yellow For Omar Rosas from Real Spain for his difficult intervention against Hessler Morales.

The change in Real Spain: Samuel “Gringo” Gómez appears for the first time and is entered by Gerson Chavez in 76.

Looking for! Rosas hooked and hit a ball that forced Pineda to serve a corner kick. Platensee is saved at 76.

Looking for! Bernardes received through the middle, and the defense tried to shoot him down, but he got up and took a left-footed shot that went over to the center of Bubba. Real Spain was saved at 75.

Changes in platense: Byron Rodriguez, Hessler Morales and Els Barahona enter for Gerson Gutierrez, Brian Reyes and Henry Romero at age 71.

The change in Real Spain: Daryson entered Volta in place of Jose Alejandro Reyes at the age of 68.

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67 ‘ An offensive foul of Omar Rosas against Daberson.

62 ‘ The head of Alance Vargas soaring. Real Spain are advancing in the lines in search of a tie.

59 ‘ Gerson rejected Chávez the bad, leaving Romero on the edge of the area with his crossed right hand sending it to the grids.

GOOOOOOOOOLAZO DEL PLATENSE! In the 59th minute, Henry Romero made it 2-1 against Real Spain.

57 ‘ Mikel Center is on the left for Roca escaping across the finish line.

54 ‘ Platens touch the ball in an attempt to manage the tackle. Both teams reduced their revolutions.

The change in platense: Hector Aranda enters Jose Dominguez, who leaves the field injured in the 47th minute.

The second part begins! Platense 1-1 Real Spain at Excelsior.

Changes in Real España: Maykel García and Miguel Carrasco step in for Yeison Mejía and Franco Flores.

End of Part One: Platenci and Real Spain tie 1-1 at Excelsior Stadium.

43 ‘ A free kick against Gerson Chavez in the middle of the field. Real Spain runs another dangerous attack.

39 ‘ Center Jose Alejandro Reyes, Roca welcomed the area, hosted and left-handed she pinned it into the net. Jose Pineda saw it only as a pass.

GOOOOOOL from the real Spain! In the 39th minute, Ramiro Roca made it 1-1 with Platenci.

Looking for! Bernárdez took advantage of a defensive error, entering the area on the right and taking a shot that escaped from the finish line. Real Spain was saved at 38.

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Looking for! Bernadis passes to Yerson, who finishes the area from the right and forces Bubba Lopez to fly to his left and send a corner kick. Real Spain was saved at 36.

Looking for! Dominguez entered Fajardo, who controlled the area and fired a shot that hit the defense. Real Spain was saved at 34.

31 ‘ Rocca on the right opened to Rosas, who sent an elevated cross.

27 ‘ A shot of roses contained in the archer Pineda without problems.

Looking for! A free kick by Jhow Benavídez, Roca grasps and Franco Flores sends it to the networks. However, the play was not counted due to the advanced position of the Argentine defender. Platensee was rescued at the age of 26.

Yellow Ryan Reyes Del Platense in the 23rd minute.

18 ‘ The ball was eliminated from the right for Bernadze, who took advantage of “Booba” exit to determine from the right over the fence. Franco Flores tried to reach him, but he could not.

GOOOOOOOLAZO DEL PLATENSE! In the 18th minute, Carlos Bernardes scored 1-0 against Real Spain.

15th’ Yerson drops to the edge of the area and the Selacian players claim a foul. On the contrary, Daberson disarmed Roca within the area.

13 ‘ Shot from the front by Jose Alejandro Reyes over the frame and defended by Jose Mariano Pineda.

10 ‘ Central Arauz is on the right that crosses the area without anyone ever blocking. Platenci presses at the start of the game.

8 ‘ Jose Alejandro Reyes stole from the left, sending a post across the area and running down the longest line.

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6 ‘ Getzel’s hand is on the right. The free kick is already charged by Platensee.

Looking for! Daberson’s free kick, which Gutierrez allowed in, did not reach Usigera. Real Spain was saved in the 4th minute.

Begins Platense vs. Real Spain. The corresponding duel has been rescheduled for the 2nd date of the tournament.

4:58 PM Platenci and Real Spain enter the field. The game is about to start in Excelsior.

4:55 pm The players of both teams are now ready to take to the field.

11 platinum: Jose Pineda, Victor Arause, Marco Martinez, Peperson Castillo, Cesar Oseguera, Henry Romero, Angel Dominguez, Brian Reyes, Aldo Fajardo, Yerson Gutierrez and Carlos Bernardes. DT: John Jairou Lopez.

11 Real Spain: Luis Lopez, Alans Vargas, Franco Flores, Getsel Montes, Franklin Flores; Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavides, Jose Alejandro Reyes, Wesson Mejia, Ramiro Roca and Omar Rosas. DT: Raul “Potro” Gutierrez.

4:40 PM Both teams’ players are about to finish the warm-up at Excelsior.

4:27 pm Welcome to Minute by Minute of the Platense vs. Real Spain has been reprogrammed to coincide with the second day of the 2021 Clausura Championship.

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