Red alert for the Clippers

Red alert for the Clippers

toOr what seemed like an illusion to some ends up being a success to others. march James Harden to Los Angeles It brought with it countless rumors about The team that was winningWhat are the best parts and how will they work, especially Clippers, Below. After weeks of this move, it’s time to review everyone’s performance.

The NBA was responsible for putting everything in place. The Sixers who got Robert Covington, Nicolas Bottom, and KJ Martin In ‘beard’ exchange, currently The best team in the entire leaguewith a record 8-1. The departure of the goalkeeper, who won 10 stars and the best player in 2018, resulted in a step forward from the players who had been clamoring for it.

Therese Maxeywhich comes from signing with the best night of his career 50 points against the PacersHe was knocking on the ceiling he had finished breaking. More weight on the ball, offensive ability that’s hard to match, and a nightmare to defend. Embiid He’s found his perfect companion.

He may not be as great a game manager as Harden, and the Sixers may miss something like that in the future, but he is learning how to get his teammates involved. It was a similar case kelly aubrey, Who was playing the best matches of his career until he was unfortunately run over and will be sidelined for some time.

It’s all smiles at the privilege of it She seemed destined to never come out of her vortex. Harden, who didn’t have a bad regular season last season, seemed like a surplus in that locker room. “Now we have a team No vanity“Embiid announced a few days ago, with a clear recipient of the message.

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James Harden vs. Luka Doncic

From light…to darkness

Considering the other party involved, his arrival in Los Angeles couldn’t be worse. register 0-4 Since he has worn a Clippers jersey, including A.J Losing to the Memphis GrizzliesThe worst team in the NBA. “I’m not a player in the system, I’m the system,” Harden explained in his introductory press conference. The system, for now, is to fail.

he 3-6 record Angelenos is troubling. A team has been called to fight for the ring. With stars like Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook Whoever looks the smartest, demands in capital letters.

Taking a look at the data, the Clippers are The fourth team that loses the most balls per game (16.3), but also The person who steals the most (10). The data that goes against a team, on a statistical level, is not where it should be.

This may be important, as is the case in every major project Define the hierarchy before starting the path. Harden and Westbrook, two important ball handlers, may not be able to take the court. he chaos Since the goaltender arrived to the Clippers, he has doubled by the minute.

The good chemistry on the track carries over to the monologue. Harden has his worst numbers in his career: 13.5 points and 4.5 assists per game (Considering that last year it fell to 10.7). It is no longer that he destroyed what was, but that he has not found his role, he is searching for it In the most chaotic way possible.

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Of the doubts surrounding Philadelphia and the fear caused by the new Clippers being the Sixers The fittest team in the NBA Alarms go off in Los Angeles. Harden has traded doubts for something that doesn’t appear to be coming to fruition. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t packed my bags.

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