Famous Cuban Actresses Launch ‘Kiss’ Beer Brand Perfect for ‘Women’

Famous Cuban Actresses Launch ‘Kiss’ Beer Brand Perfect for ‘Women’

The famous Cuban TV actresses, Miriam Alameda and Giselle Gonzalez, have taken a very important step in the world of business and launched a few days ago on the island the new brand of beer “perfect for women” called “Kiss”.

According to the artists, the drink is not bitter at all and is “designed to be enjoyed by women who drink beer and those who do not drink it,” although men can also purchase and consume it. Both Alameda and Gonzalez are thrilled to be included in the business world and small and medium-sized businesses on the island.

On November 10, 2023, a bag of beer (kiss, in Spanish) was presented to the public, a product created by both artists, now entrepreneurs, who wanted to offer a drink designed for the female palate. Both expressed on social networks their satisfaction with the outcome of their project:

We are very happy to launch @cervezakiss. It was a great event, thanks to everyone who joined us. @cervezakiss is a delicious beer, made especially for women. Not to be missed. You can find us in Ward 12″ They said on the networksabout launching the drink in Vihav.

What is the theme of Cuban Beer Kiss?

According to Show Latino TV, Giselle Gonzalez expressed her gratitude and excitement for promoting the new beer product with her friend Miriam Alameda. Giselle Gonzalez also works with host Mandy Lopez on shows or podcasts for this media outlet.

Meanwhile, Amplifícalo magazine content Kiss Cuban beer is made outside the island, and contains 4.5 degrees of alcohol. They describe it as “refreshing and light.” They explained that it will be the first branded beer of the Cuban “a mypyime”, which represents a milestone in the national beer sector.

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The founders of “Kiss” also announced that their product will be present at the Cayo Santa Maria Festival, which will be held from November 23 to 26. At the event, attendees will be able to enjoy this beer “designed specifically for a female audience.”

Miriam Alameda was proud to be the picture of “the kiss” and said she hoped Cuban women would like this beer. He stated that “Kiss” is a unique and original drink that seeks to satisfy consumer preferences.

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