Red Bull removed the spoiler from Seco Perez to give to Max Verstappen

Red Bull removed the spoiler from Seco Perez to give to Max Verstappen

Mexico City – Red bull This is clear to him and it is very logical, Max Verstappen Maintains option on Sergio PerezThis was noticed when they changed the rear wings of their cars in order to qualify, as the Dutch had a problem.

Seko commented on changing his car part after qualifying. Red Bull drivers and constructors fight for titles and to achieve those goals, the Verstappen team must always have the best tools.

“I think we did not explode the car 100 percent. I had to change my wing. The Max 3 practically had a problem with his wing. They gave me that wing. I do not know. From the first Quali, the car never changed again. Perez explained.

Combined with superiority Mercedes In the appraisal, where Voltaire Potass And Lewis Hamilton Occupying the front row, followed by two Red Bulls, that session was not clean Milton Keynes.

“I think P3 is possible today, but Mercedes woke up and soared in Q3,” Seko revealed. “It’s important to get off to a good start here. .

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