Regina Blanden, the queen of streaming platforms?

Regina Blanden, the queen of streaming platforms?

Regina Blanden Whom many of us knew about her role as “Baby” inThe P. Luche family‘, Who recently came out in favor of abortion, is A. Mexican actress Which was marked by her versatility not only on the small screen as she starred in big movie productions that achieved box office success, such as’Merrys vs. Goodnesses‘For 2019.

Popular on Amazon Prime

He is currently enjoying his two most recent hits through various Broadcast platforms, That in times of pandemic it was a great alternative to consumption, as cinemas were closed due to this health condition. “He loves war” And “Sin Hijos” are his latest projects to really be featured on Netflix and beyond Amazon Prime.

And it is that Regina’s charisma combined with humor makes movies so much fun, as in “He loves warWhere the actress plays a publicist, she needs to gain a number of followers on social networks to keep her job Ludwik Painting He brings to life an influencer who can help Blanden in his endeavors. During this funny plot, there is also a reflection on the use and consumption of social networks and how this benefits us or affects us.

Success on Netflix

On the other hand, in Without children“, Regina You play Marina, the lovely girl in love with Fidel, the divorced father who falls in love with his girlfriend who unfortunately hates children. In the movie, Fidel’s daughter will be shown as her father’s little sister in order not to spoil his relationship. Besides amusement,Without childrenIt is a story that evokes new generations whose last wish is childbirth. These comics are available in a catalog Netflix Since Friday, March 19, it’s already part of the platform’s top 10.

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Highlighting both successes Regina Blanden As one of the primary actresses in recent years. He has also maintained an incredible relationship with his followers through his social networks as he provides an account of his future projects. The only question is: Will we have more Regina in the remainder of this year? we hope that.

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