How to Face Adversity to Create a Space for Success – ORH

How to Face Adversity to Create a Space for Success – ORH

We all go through situations where we feel trapped or abandoned. The moments that are sometimes the result of our actions, and on many other occasions they pray without being able to avoid them. But there are those who suffer in adversity better than others, and some, as they say, easily drown in a glass of water; However, we also know amazing and very inspiring stories of people who manage to cope with critical moments and even come out stronger.

In the opinion of Gonzalo Martinez de Miguel, CEO of INFOVA and expert in leadershipThis means that no matter how unsustainable the situation is, something is always dependent on us and we continue to enjoy complete freedom. It is about the situation and the way we decide to respond to a fact. Choosing a more productive way to behave is a decision that depends solely on yourself, which makes the difference between one and the other.

On the other hand, the expert explains that the fact of fighting and trying something 100% is not synonymous with achieving a goal, “Giving the battle to the end does not guarantee that the result will be what you want. It is logical that not all the battles we live in will be won. Which if guarantees are likely to succeed. As long as you try to get out of a certain situation, you still have options. On the contrary, surrender is accepting defeat, ”he warns.

He asserts that in the most negative situations there are two qualities that cannot be guaranteed, but if they open the way to success. This is flexibility and strength. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to focus on them, because they will create space for achieving goals.

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The expert explains that resilience has to do with the ability to recover from adversity, and to return to the position before the event that caused the difficulty. On the other hand, strength relates to the ability to withstand, and the ability to endure until this complex event ends.

Gonzalo Martinez de Miguel warns that both traits are acquired throughout life, and that there is no “flexible gene” with which one can be born and that makes us stronger. Flexibility and strength are trained, and to do so, he comments that there are 5 basic principles:

  1. Acceptance: It must be recognized that we need adversity to train them. It is impossible to acquire these abilities when there are no opposite situations, so the situation must be accepted as it appears.
  2. a challenge: Once we accept the situation, it is appropriate that instead of seeing the problem, we convert it into a stimulus, a challenge that we will be able to meet.
  3. Opportunities: Opportunities arise in all situations, no matter how negative, it is more appropriate to focus on them and search for them rather than finding excuses that permanently prevent further fighting.
  4. be positive: Lamentation is a human thing, but it cannot be done constantly, and one cannot choose permanent anger and anger. Trying to be positive and objective opens the way to more opportunities.
  5. kidding: Facing situations from humor makes it easier to face problems, calm thoughts and put us in a more positive and creative viewpoint, to give answers and find solutions.
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Finally, Gonzalo Martinez de Miguel insists that “strength and resilience are qualities that will create more space for success, and I believe that this is what life consists of, which creates more chances of success emerging. So accept adversity, try it as part of character development, and keep going Fighting and trust that the result will be the best possible. “

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