Relief from blackouts? Start-up of La Guiteras and two other Cuban thermal power plants

Relief from blackouts?  Start-up of La Guiteras and two other Cuban thermal power plants

The Antonio Guitras Thermal Electricity Plant (CTE) in Matanzas and the state-owned Unión Eléctrica plant reported Saturday evening that Simultaneously with the Electric Power System (SEN) for several electric generating blocks in the middle Prolonged power outages And the Cubans are asking which of them will be retired now.

La Guiteras synced with SEN at 10:44 PM with a power of 30 megawatts and loads loads progressively, according to several publications in The official profile of CTE. One of the notes He pointed out that “more than 200 maintenance procedures were carried out on time and with the required quality.”

in Last updatedMatanzas CTE said it has already reached 130 megawatt-hours.

The Antonio Guitras, one of the largest generators of electricity in Cuba with Felton, from Holguín (With the second unit currently not working after a fire), it went out of service last Tuesday due to a malfunction. In subsequent days, reports The days with the largest generation deficit during the current energy crisis.

For its part, UNE mentioned in its report Facebook account Saturday night it Unit 2 of the Santa Cruz Thermal Power Plant, 65 MW, and Unit 5 of Rente, from Santiago de Cuba, are also synchronized with the SEN network.which was increasing the load until it reached 75 megawatts.

In comments from Cubans, they have been long and persistently influenced BlackoutsBoredom and a lack of hope for improving the situation were noted.

They started those, great. But, just to see which ones will crash now? “What will the sequence be?” said Eduardo Castillo-Arusha.

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“Units from different thermoelectric plants come and go, but what? I see that the power outages continue to be the same intensity. “Here at least in Encrusigada, life is torture,” said Juan R. Sanchez.

Blanca crossed Ydanya Calzada Muñoz: “That’s fine, because now I’m in a drowsy dog, let’s see if he gets better, this is unbearable!”

The Blackouts Cubans continue to work relentlessly, exhausted by a summer in which some areas suffered blackouts of up to 20 hours. In a day.

In July, blackouts were recorded for 29 out of 31 days of the month, according to data from UNE compiled by the EFE, and Augustus had acted similarly due to the testimonies of those affected in official channels.

The blackout caused exasperation, and there were reports of street protests and cacerolazos at night in towns across the island. In view of this, the government is deploying its repressive forces, with the promise that it will solve the problem by the end of the year, something Cubans do not believe in.

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