Repression in Bolivia: 1 journalist wounded and 4 civilians arrested is the credit of the 24-hour strike in Santa Cruz

Repression in Bolivia: 1 journalist wounded and 4 civilians arrested is the credit of the 24-hour strike in Santa Cruz
Hundreds of people expressed their disapproval of the kidnapping of Camacho by the repressive forces of the government of Luis Arce.

strong street accidents Between civilians and the police Friday broke out in the area Santa Cruz (in eastern Bolivia), after the imprisonment of its ruler, leader of the opposition Luis Fernando Camachofor a case related to leaving Evo Morales presidency in 2019.

Hundreds of people have expressed their disapproval of Camacho kidnapped by oppressive forces The government of Louis Ars in some parts of the city Santa Cruzeconomic capital Bolivian and the most populous in the country with nearly 2 million inhabitants.

During the Friday afternoon, a group of young men attacked Police Department Command The news agency reporter found that he had thrown stones and fireworks and burned rubber tires in the nearby streets. France Press agency.

The uniform suppressed the demonstrators tear gas And at least Four civilians were arrestedAccording to the first reports.

next to, Three cars that were in the street were burned.

The private TV channel Unitel She showed pictures to one of her journalists with Wounds on the bodythe product of the work of the police officers who opened fire rubber pellets against those who were covering the protest.

The communications specialist received numerous hits from rubber bullets fired by the police

These demonstrations took place amid an appeal from the Santa Cruz Civic Commissionfor one 24 hour strike On this Friday, blockade streets and roads.

Protests are held against the arrest Camachoa 43-year-old lawyer and businessman Those accused by the Public Prosecution of “terrorism”.referred to as a major piece in social mobilization that promoted to Left-wing Morales resigns After 14 years in power.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed at that time that there was a coup v. Morales (2006-2019)

The governor who said succinctly at the court session “I will not give up“, to me chonchocoroa Maximum security prison In the Andean Pampa region of the department Peace.

Camacho called on the Bolivians to ban the ruling party.Impose a dictatorship as in Venezuela and Cuba“.

The protests are being organized in opposition to the arrest of Camacho, a 43-year-old lawyer and businessman, who is accused by the Public Prosecutor's Office of
The protests are being held against the arrest of Camacho, a 43-year-old lawyer and businessman who is accused by the public prosecutor’s office of “terrorism” and cited as a key player in the social mobilization that prompted the resignation of leftists. Morales, after 14 years in power.. the power. (Reuters)

He expressed that the only thing he did in 2019 was to opposeForgeryMorales, V.; elections From that year, to be re-elected until 2025.

Morales has always denied the accusation and said he was the subject of a coup Civilian-police-military a plan.

Bolivian justice ruled on Friday Four months of remand against the governor Luis Fernando Camachofor the case known as the “first coup” due to the 2019 crisis.

“Army, dark, offensive, terrifying and… improper judicial decision, Sent to prison for 4 months in chonchocoroto the governor of Santa Cruz,” Camacho’s liaison team said on the politician’s Twitter account.

Uniforms suppressed protesters with tear gas and at least four civilians were arrested, according to first reports.  (Reuters)
Uniforms suppressed protesters with tear gas and at least four civilians were arrested, according to first reports. (Reuters)

The judge of the Eighth Criminal Court directed the hearing with the precautionary measures against Camacho Almost over nine hourswhere the ruler followed from Units of the special force to fight crime (Felcc), in the city of La Paz, where he has been arrested since last Wednesday.

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At the end of the session, the plaintiff’s lawyers, the former pro-government deputy Lydia BattyThe State Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Government Ministry (Interior) announced this They will appeal the decision to increase the pretrial detention to six monthsas required at the beginning.

In addition, The Santa Cruz governor’s defense said he would appeal The judge’s decision to say “there is no justification for preventive detention in prison.”

(With information from AFP)

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