It’s Tuesday night, which means it’s time for a new episode of WWE NXT, and Ringside News has you covered with live results coverage. NXT will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST. On this page, you’ll find match-by-match highlights and results from the show. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. The aftermath of TakeOver: In Your House will be featured on tonight’s NXT. Most notably, General Manager William Regal departed the TakeOver depressed, saying it’s time for a change. Regal will be on the show tonight, and rumor has it that his stint as NXT General Manager is coming to an end.

It will be a sad day for the black and gold brand if this is the fact. Carrion Kross is still the NXT Champion, and it appears that he has eliminated all of his opponents; however, it is unlikely that we will learn his next opponent tonight. Raquel Gonzalez, whose title was also preserved, may be regarded to be in the same boat. After a hard-fought ladder fight with Cameron Grimes, LA Knight is the Million Dollar Champion, and he may be on hand to gloat tonight. Ciampa and Thatcher will fight Grizzled Young Veterans, with the victors potentially becoming the new number one contenders, and Kushida, the Cruiserweight Champion, will host an open challenge. 

That concludes the NXT preview for tonight. Our live broadcast will begin right now at 8 p.m. Let us know whether you’re looking forward to any of it, and don’t forget to refresh the page and enjoy the show. The first episode of NXT begins with a recap of TakeOver: In Your House. William Regal, the NXT General Manager, enters the ring. Regal gets overcome with passion as he declares that he has been with NXT since the beginning. He took a seat at the announce desk and announced the very first TakeOver. And he’s seen NXT grow into a global phenomenon that’s toured the globe, including his birthplace of Blackpool, where his nieces were able to attend.

Every free second of his life, while he wasn’t with his family, he thought about making NXT the greatest it could be. He claims he’s now determined that, amid the mayhem, he’s given everything he has to offer. He no longer believes he is capable because of the audience, crew, and Superstars. When the NXT Champion interrupts him, he’s ready to announce his retirement/resignation. Kross claims that he and Scarlett always knew this day would come and that he had to witness it for himself. Regal’s sobbing, according to Kross, is pitiful. According to Kross, Regal has always known he could dominate NXT through chaos and violence, and he showed it at TakeOver when he smashed a hole through NXT’s Mount Rushmore. 

Kross tells regal to admit he was correct, then leave and never return. Before Mr. Regal can finish his sentence, a familiar guy in a suit marches down the ramp to the delight of the NXT audience. Samoa Joe enters the ring, stares Kross down, and informs him that Regal wants to meet with him. Regal believes NXT requires a General Manager who commands authority and respect, and he wants Joe to fill that role. Joe responds with a resounding “absolutely not.” Regal is tired, he knows. Spent seven years combing the globe for the most extraordinary talent on the planet, including him, and helped NXT rise from obscurity to worldwide success. He claims Regal casts a long shadow and leaves large shoes to fill. Therefore he is unable to take the position. 


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