Angela Aguilar has long hair like Kylie Jenner

Angela Aguilar has long hair like Kylie Jenner

Angela Aguilar has long hair like Kylie JennerHe surprised his social media followers by showing a more mature and totally different image from what we used to see with her short hair. The beautiful American singer of Mexican descent was dazzled by her beauty that showed her new image as well as her noticeable stomach.

The daughter of the regional singer Pepe Aguilar gave a complete transformation to her image Posing in a photo showing her long hair held in a ponytail, which reminds us of the famous businesswoman, member of the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner Angela Aguilar has received endless praise for her beauty and style, and has been compared to her beautiful mother, Annelies Alvarez Alcala.

In the picture you can see Ángela Aguilar wears a casual yet elegant outfitIt consists of mom jeans that perfectly adjust her waist, a button-down shirt with vertical white and red stripes, as well as long sleeves, which she tied with a bow on her small waist, allowing her to show off her distinctive stomach.

But, of course, what attracted the most attention was him A radical transformation It consisted of long hair pinned in a ponytail, which allowed her to see her clear face and natural beauty.

Angela Aguilar It caused a great surprise, because practically throughout his life he wore very short and straight hair, mostly loose and choppy in the middle, so this change in appearance surprised many, but it caused a sensation. It looks very beautiful and mature.

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Even some of his fans Compare her to her young and beautiful mother, Annelise Alvarez Alcala Who shares a great likeness with him. Looking at it, compliments and over 628,200 likes rained down a few hours after they were posted.

Reuniting the whole family

But this wasn’t the only post that raised eyebrows, as it’s beautiful Dime How Do You Want translator also shared with his followers a passionate and lovely photo with his family, which highlights his little brother, José Emiliano Aguilar., Who has been going through a difficult legal process in the US, has been under surveillance since 2017.

Pictured in black and white Angela Aguilar Singer Pepe Aguilar, posted on Instagram Stories, posted with his four children: 16-year-old young singer Aneliz, Leonardo and José Emiliano, in front of a lake.

Angela Aguilar has long hair like Kylie Jenner. Photo: Instagram

A few days ago, the translator and singer Prometeste shared on his Instagram account a photo of him and his children sharing a table, showing great happiness and joy to see his entire family meet, three years after a difficult moment.

“We haven’t been able to take a picture like that for a long time.” The famous singer wrote, “No date has yet been reached.”

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