Retro Hobbies and Activities That Will Be Popular in 2021

Retro Hobbies and Activities That Will Be Popular in 2021

Each of us, in addition to our main job, has our hobbies or hobbies. It can be playing the flute, drawing, playing computer games, or cross-stitching. And it is unlikely that you can make money on this unless, of course, it is sports betting, you thought. Moreover, due to the recent crisis of ongoing pandemic that is not eliminated in most parts of the world and from time to time, there are lockdowns at one place or another, people are gradually moving towards adopting habit that revives some tradition more precisely we call it retro hobbies. So, in the year 2021, people are inclined towards activities that save them from boredom and help them earn some money. This article will discuss the potential retro activities that are productive for the mind and financial self-sustenance.

Computer Games

Computer games are considered one of the luxurious hobbies in the bygone times. Usually, the kids or grown-ups used to have CD games installed on their devices. However, recently, computer games can be not only entertainment but also a significant income. And if not everyone can become cyber sportsmen, then every player can sell the dropped game items or “skins” for weapons. And if you don’t like your favourite game, then selling your account to another person will be a matter of technology and bring you more money. Real-life example: I once played the popular CS: GO 2 shooter and in two months collected an inventory of about $3000. After that, I sold my account for 500 dollars and increased my money for the summer.

Betting at Сasinos

Visiting land-based casinos was previously a hobby for people who wanted to attend a social gathering along with some drinks and games. Of course, it used to be a source of adventure and thrill, and however, with the modern-day internet-based casinos, there is a new kind of excitement. It is the demand of 2021 to maintain distance, so people take advantage of games such as Witchcraft Academy real money through online betting. Therefore, if you are well versed in sports and know how to analyze sports matches, this kind of entertainment will bring you an excellent additional income. However, it would help if you did not neglect the choice of a bookmaker, devote enough time to choosing it. Nowadays, players explore different betting categories and many online casino platforms and are exclusive to specific games while the others are all-inclusive. Yes, many offer the jackpots with the slot machines too, such as Super Multitimes Progressive is a good choice, if you are thinking about any suggestion. The table below gives more insight into the online casino games: 

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Game Type Titles
Video slots Cleopatra, Gun’ N Roses, Egyptian Pyramids
Roulette Roulette, European Roulette 
Poker Free Texas Holdem, Spring Poker, 247 Poker
Baccarat Super 6/Punto 2000, Mini-baccarat
Blackjack Spanish 21, 21st Century Blackjack

Art and Amusement

If you have a talent for drawing, why not try yourself as an artist and start painting cars. According to statistics, cars with bright pictures stand out noticeably from the rest; besides, cars are less often stolen, so there will be customers. The main thing is to learn how to do your job efficiently. In addition to vehicles, the city walls can be your host. Recently, painting of blank walls of houses, fences and garages has become popular, where the city administration itself acts as the customer. Thus, a pleasant hobby can become an additional way of earning money.

So reviving the old trends in the modern days, if you paint well and beautifully, your hobby can easily bring you extra money. Advertise in the newspaper about finding clients. And then everything will go by itself. You can also use programs on your computers, such as Photoshop or Paint, to paint. This makes it easier for users to draw logos and avatars. Finally, you can use a social network group or blog for advertising your work.

Well, recently, there have been a lot of startups in the field as people are venturing in different areas such as:


The art of painting almost any surface requires the artist to use tools. This technique is often used to paint cars, motorcycles, buses, aeroplanes, interiors of cafes, restaurants, and other commercial premises. To master this challenging hobby, you will first need to master an airbrush to study the nuances of working with paints and surfaces. This hobby can generate a good income.


Even a person who has never drawn and was far from working with textiles can reproduce simple drawings on thin fabric. You can sign up for courses or start mastering a hobby on your own. The purchase of all materials will require at least some $100. As a result, you will get unique scarves, paintings and panels. 

Drawing Abstract Pictures 

This painting technique allows you to relax, express your emotions and energy. Although drawing abstraction does not require knowledge of anatomy or perspective, for the pictures to turn out harmoniously, one should study the theory of colour. Also, read about mixing paints and colour combinations. Nowadays, abstract paintings are becoming more and more popular and are often bought to decorate stylish interiors. 


Now everyone has social media accounts where they want to share moments of their lives. Therefore, even novice photographers will be able to find clients and practice portraits. But you can take pictures of landscapes, animals, objects and then, for example, sell your pictures on photo stocks. So take training, buy a quality camera, explore its capabilities, and practice a new skill. 

Fashion Design 

To create your own clothing brand and compete with famous fashion designers and couturiers, you will have to master sewing and designing clothes. There are many professional courses on the Internet where teachers promise to teach their craft from scratch. Either way, sewing clothes is a useful skill that comes in handy at any time. And to come up with new models of clothes, you will need observation, imagination and a sense of taste.

Doodling and Zentangle

Someone decided that colouring in small details in a zentangle technique would help overcome stress. It never helped me; on the contrary, when you drive behind the line, then a tiny apocalypse occurs inside. But surely there will be people who are happy to draw squiggles and lines, connecting together creativity and meditation. All you need to draw is paper and a pen. 

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Calligraphy: An ancient form of writing letters, which is now often found in advertising, postcards, clothing, diplomas and certificates, wall painting. Calligraphy makes it possible to relieve stress and nervous tension, develops creative thinking, memory, perseverance, perseverance and patience. 

Drawing by Numbers 

Yes, not everyone is given the talent of an artist. But drawing by numbers is not as easy as it seems. Of the crucial advantages: 

  • the colours have already been selected for you, 
  • the drawing has been marked, 
  • and the materials have been prepared.

For such purposes, ready-made kits can be purchased from art stores and online sites.

Drawing in General

An amazing feeling when you can depict what you imagine or see—magical watercolour sketches, colourful paintings that can be sold, donated or hung on the wall. There are many tutorials on YouTube; the Internet is full of books with step-by-step instructions – you can start your creative activity from such resources.  


Yes, even your desire to learn can become a hobby. Whether you are in school or university, or even if you are already employed, education can become your hobby. Organize a cosy workplace, get a comfortable chair and a bright lamp on the table, write down notes beautifully in neat handwriting with your favourite pen, drink tea during breaks. All these little things will help you tune in to work, and you will be pleased to do even not very pleasant things. Preparing for exams can be tedious, but you can help yourself and turn studying into a hobby. 

Moreover, in 2021 a new and thoughtful flux of knowledge is needed to explore different theories or philosophies. However, if you want to keep it light, then here are some recommended books for you!

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  • The Sixth Extinction
  • The Seige
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow

Wrapping Statement

Many people prefer that their hobbies do not affect work. And so additional, independent income can be a support and your salvation when life takes a sharp turn. If you can make money on what you love, then why not give it a try?

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