Returning from the shadows of Vladimiro Montesinos to the Peruvian political scene, 20 years after his arrest

Returning from the shadows of Vladimiro Montesinos to the Peruvian political scene, 20 years after his arrest
Vladimiro Montesinos smiles at former President Alberto Fujimori during their first court meeting, in June 2008. (AFP/archive)

Electoral uncertainty and courtroom processes to delay the process brought back memories of the 1990s, the years of institutional corruption. Flashback came to life with The reappearance of Vladimiro Montesinos, the powerful former advisor to Alberto Fujimori, on the 20th anniversary of his arrest in a Venezuelan favela.

Recordings released this week and confirmed by authorities show that Coordination and instructions for attempting to bribe three out of four members of the plenary session of the National Elections Arbitration Panel, the last example reviewing table cancellation requests made by Fuerza Popular with the goal of reversing Pedro Castillo’s 44,000 vote advantage over Keiko Fujimori.

According to the official version, Montesinos obtained permission to contact his partner from the Callao naval base, a prison specially created to detain the most dangerous terrorists, such as Abimael Guzman and other leaders of the Shining Path.

In case Echoes of the Past is lost, the acoustics were provided by former congressman Fernando Oliveira, the same person who revealed the mythology.VladavidusIn September 2000, it caused the fall of the Fujimori regime, by revealing the purchase of support for opposing Congressmen.

Give him more gasoline

Three (members) are enough. Then it will be good for you to locate him so that he can support him, You have to put some gasoline (money). You understand me, right?Montesinos points to retired soldier Pedro Rojas, who asks him to contact attorney Guillermo Sendon, who has connections to the judiciary.

Vladimiro Montesinos calls from prison

This capsule (Practical Twisting) costs you 3 sticks (millions of dollars). One (million) allowance for each one. And you pay for delivery, plus. First you get the decision and then you pay themDays ago, three justices agreed to amend the deadlines for revocation requests, an extension that would serve Fujimorism, but the measure was known before it was published and was never formally announced, on the grounds that it violated the Constitutional Court ruling on the deadlines. of the electoral process.

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In another call, Montesinos also discredits Fujimori’s team of advisors and asserts that they are only acting in order to help the Fujimori family. “What do I gain from helping them? Nothing. I am not interested and will never ask for anything, I’m just helping because they screwed it up otherwise. The girl will end up in prison and the other guy will die where he is, that’s how it isThe girl is Keiko Fujimori, who is subject to a prosecutor’s request for 30 years in prison. The “other guy” is her father, convicted of crimes against humanity who would have been pardoned if his daughter won the presidency as promised in the campaign.

In another passage, Montesinos regrets that the steps he recommended for the campaign were not taken and to avoid the victory of the leftist Castillo: “If we do the work we have suggested, we will no longer be in this mysterious problem.”

waiting for his chance

Jose Ugaz, former special counsel for the Fujimori Montesinos case, analyzed the situation in an interview with Infobae: “Montesinos was waiting for this opportunity. Always from prison try to maintain some validityThe prisoner, who remained in prison for five years, usually sends messages on social media about the national situation through his lawyer.

To hear the voice of the villain again "A strong man" Alberto Fujimori's system (1990-2000) caused an impact on citizens (EFE)
Hearing the evil ‘strongman’ voice of Alberto Fujimori’s regime (1990-2000) caused an impact on citizens (EFE)

The former anti-corruption prosecutor, who details his investigation in the book Who failed it, it is not excluded that the former consultant himself was involved in the liquidation of phonemes. “The story is very shocking and strange. Montesinos seems to have one foot on each side. It is an attempt to muddy the field in general at a time when the jury is trying by all means to close this story with pressure that comes primarily from Fujimori. All of this contributes to this uncertainty. The only thing we’re hoping for is that by doing the best dribbling, the jury can get around all of these fireworks and shut them down this next week.”

The case deepens social unrest in a Highly polarized citizenship in the face of suffrage. “The appearance upsets and angers us,” Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez said. But the dropout isn’t necessarily Fujimori’s ordeal. Ultimately, what the content of the audio recordings did was raise doubts about the legitimacy of the electoral authorities, which were Growing criticism from Team Fujimori.

There has to be some level of coordination with Fujimori, because it is now clear that what Candidate Fujimori and her close followers want, the hardest core, is to backfire on the election and try to negate the process when it is clear that she has already lost.Ogaz added. The campaign that includes Calls of sedition and ignorance of institutions by retired militaryIt was described as a “slow blow” by the distinguished political scientists Alberto Vergara and Stephen Levitsky in an opinion column on The New York Times.

The process of reviewing appeals against (primarily rejected) revocation requests is the last remaining step before Castillo’s victory is declared, but the case has been put on hold due to the resignation of Supreme Prosecutor Louis Arce (closest to Fujimorism), which left the JNE plenary without a quorum.

Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo
Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo

The attorney general’s office has announced an investigation, but all eyes are on the Navy responsible for managing the naval base. According to the first statement issued by this institution, Montesinos made two calls from a public phone on June 10 and 23. But investigative portal IDL-Reporteros revealed this Saturday that Montesinos spoke 12 times with Rejas between Wednesday, June 2 (four days before polling) and June 24.

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We must not lose sight of the fact that many of the personnel of the Navy are by ideology, by path, by social extraction, the armed forces are more than the upper middle class existing in the country, unlike the army and air force. . There must be many, many Keiko Fujimori supporters, if anyone sympathizes with CastilloOjaz explained.

Although it avoids targeting the organization directly, it does indicate that one or more members have lent themselves to the situation, given that calls must be approached and monitored by al-Qaeda personnel. “Apparently someone within the Navy played a role in this story. This is unfortunate because it reveals that even in such a private prison system there are spaces for corruption“, handle.

The Ministry of Defense stated that Four Navy officers, including their chief, were released from the detention center “on the spot.”

Since Fujimori, there have been no great reactions. Attorney Miguel Torres, a visible face of Fujimori’s legal strategy to reverse the outcome, noted that the publication is an “armed narrative among those who are openly enemies of Keiko Fujimori.”

The outlook seems complicated for Fuerza Popular after the alleged scam has been dismissed by several monitoring missions, including the Organization of American States. In addition, the United States, the European Union, Canada and the United Kingdom supported the validity of the elections, describing them as fair, free and transparent.

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