Trump held his first major rally since leaving the White House

Trump held his first major rally since leaving the White House
Former US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump met with supporters in Ohio on Saturday night, his first major rally since leaving the White House. Held in support of the Republican candidate for Congress.

The ex-president, who was ousted from social media, has been flirting with the idea of ​​running in 2024, but In his 90-minute speech this Saturday at a fairground in Ohio, he did not explicitly mention his political future., Meeting “Four more years! Four more years! “

“We have to win for the third time. It is possible “, He reiterated that the November elections were rigged.

As usual, Trump mentioned other issues (immigration, crime, the right to bear arms, Afghanistan, Iran).

One message he reiterated was that US President Joe Biden was “devastated”.

“Joe Biden destroys our nation before our eyes.” Said the Chancellor.

Joe Biden, President of the United States
Joe Biden, President of the United States

So far, Trump has delivered two keynote speeches since leaving the White House in January, one in North Carolina earlier this month.

However, the atmosphere at this Saturday’s rally was not like its famous outdoor events.

Thousands of people who came to Wellington, Ohio were excited, but they were not as bad as usual at the Trump rallies.

One of the former president’s intentions is to endorse the Conservative candidate Max Miller, one of his former advisers.

Trump reiterated that he wants to be decisive in the Republican Party that will try to regain control of the Senate and House of Representatives next year.

Conservative candidate Max Miller
Conservative candidate Max Miller

In particular, he has expressed his desire to help candidates who support his Mac America Great Again (MAGA, or “Make America Great Again”) movement.

– More Influence –

At the meeting, many wore T-shirts with slogans such as “Trump 2024: Because America Can Never Be Big.”

“If you look at the Trump rallies, you will see that there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and that there is no way a crazy old man can win this election. Laura Benas, 57, a retail manager in Wellington, mentions Pitton.

Trump, 75, has a relatively low profile since stepping down as president three weeks after the deadly January 6 uprising in Capitol Hill.

The House of Representatives blamed Trump for inciting the uprising. A dozen Republicans joined Democrats, but the president was released by the Senate. This is his second indictment.

Now, Trump is claiming the title of Republican leader who has accused himself of starting with Anthony Gonzalez, who is facing Miller in the Republican primary in Ohio.

Trump’s political action committee says the Ohio rally in many of the former president’s appearances is “in support of the candidates and for reasons that advance the maga agenda and the achievements of the (previous) administration.”

– Independence Day Demonstration –

Ohio was one of the best “keel states” in the country in the last century.

But after voting twice for Barack Obama, he elected Republicans, elected Trump in 2016 and 2020, and the former president still dominates the Republican electorate.

Pro-Trump Republican politicians like Florida Gov. Ron Desantis have grown nationally.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis
Florida Governor Ron Desantis

This week, Trump’s PAC announced that they would be hosting a grand event with fireworks in Sarasota, Florida, on July 3, the day before the Independence Day holiday.

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On Wednesday, the former president will travel to Texas to visit the border with Mexico and take up the issue of illegal immigration, one of the central issues of his presidency.

(With information from AFP)

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