Ricky Martin asks lawmakers to vote to ban diversion therapies

Ricky Martin asks lawmakers to vote to ban diversion therapies

Popular Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin has taken to social networks today to make a public call to lawmakers on the island to make way for Senate Bill 184, which is seeking to outlaw reparative treatments.

The artist wrote: “Diversion therapies – wherever you look at them – are a form of torture, and torture is not restricted to a society that carries the banner of democracy, progress and humanity.”

Martin asserted that Puerto Ricans “want a society that is sensitive, just and more than anything else, compassionate, sympathetic and tolerant of diversity. We must have a sense of humanity in the face of any act that violates individual freedom, that is, against all those who do not simply allow us to be who we are. “.

Based on these arguments, the singer asserted that those who govern Puerto Rico should “categorically reject diversion therapies” and make use of the 184 “history-making” project.

“Love is everything. It is the pillar that supports us. He who lives from love is supportive and compassionate in nature. Therefore, it is not possible to make room for remedies that promote a clear violation of human rights by enabling torture for such an individual on the side of sexual orientation.”

The music star ended his message by affirming that “Puerto Rico cannot be a hate country” and submitting a direct request to lawmakers to vote in favor of the project.

Senate Bill No. 184, which is under evaluation by the Committee on Community Initiatives, Mental Health, and Addiction, seeks to amend the Puerto Rico Mental Health Act and the Minors’ Safety, Welfare, and Protection Act, for the purposes of expanding protections for the physical and mental health of minors by prohibiting the practice of referral therapy for their members.

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