Ricky Martin reappears on the networks and explains what happened to his face – People – Culture

Ricky Martin reappears on the networks and explains what happened to his face – People – Culture

Singer Ricky Martin, Was recognized for being part of the ‘Menudo’ group and for songs such as ‘La Mortidita’ and ‘Livin la Vida Loca’, the protagonist of the ‘Wave’ comments a few days ago His face He was very different in an interview.

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On September 25, the Puerto Rican artist began his North American tour MGM Grand Garden Stadium, In Las Vegas (USA), with a show at the company Enrique Iglesias and Sebastian Yatra.

A few days after the “show” ended, Martin promoted a TV interview promoting the upcoming dates of the concerts.

However, it was not the long-awaited concerts that caused a stir among internet users, but the singer’s face, which is why he went viral on Twitter and became the protagonist of several memes.

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Many users said they had undergone cosmetic surgery.

After the title went viral, Ricky Martin I decided to talk about what happened to her face on the day of the interview.

In the Dictok video, he said: “I did nothing on my face. Interviews, what I did differently was put a multivitamin serum, I think I had a different reaction on my skin.

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The artist did not want to cancel the interview due to inflammation, but said he would have “done so” if he had known the feedback he was going to receive.

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Finally, he made sure the concerts went well and he continued to “work hard”.

The trip will end on November 20 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

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