Ramos Rizzo criticized TUDN’s move over Miguel Laine

Ramos Rizzo criticized TUDN’s move over Miguel Laine

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Felipe Ramos Rizzo make it clear Miguel Line He should have been kicked out in a game America vs Pumas By tile from back to Jose Rogerio, and in doing so criticized the arguments they defended during the TUDN broadcast about the player staying in the match.

Baku villa defended that if the contact It would have been ‘a little higher’ if it was worthy of red, While Francisco Fonseca and Jorge Zamogilny They asserted that no matter what area of ​​contact should be outside the party, the versions that are now being questioned by a TUDN analyst.

The argument they give in the transmission That if the trampling is above the ankle it is red or below or the ankle is yellow It’s a lie, it’s not on the listRamos Rizzo analyzed, that Lane’s move is an expulsion.

Flag of the prism, Villa and Russian They responded to those who seduced them To clarify that your comment Obey people’s versions with knowledge With those who talked about these kinds of plays and when they deserve to be fired.

The Russian admitted that there were no such specifications in the regulation, but noted that “Some former referees gave us this signal To see when it can be a parcel or yellow.”

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