River Positive: In any case the Libertadores game will be suspended and what will happen to Boga

River Positive: In any case the Libertadores game will be suspended and what will happen to Boga

After the fall Super League Cup In view போகா, River When 15 positive cases were reported, he was at least satisfied with the work he had done after hours of hard work in the past. Govit-19 Y Gallardo He had to divide eleven situations and add several young men who occupied the alternative bench.

However, this Monday’s news further complicates the situation Millionaire. Five new positive cases have been reported, Gallardo He has only ten footballers at his disposal, none of whom are goalkeepers. Yes OK River Asked Conmepol It authorizes Theas to sign up to occupy the arch, and now many more players need to be added from the reserve to the club to complete the call.

Also, in the hours leading up to the game against five players போகா They tested negative and after hours their infection was confirmed, not surprisingly the positive spread to more players and coaching staff.

The suspension of the game is not considered at this time, but any situation can occur if the situation becomes more complicated. for now, River I will start the game with ten players Enso Perez He has not recovered from his muscle problems.

The suspension limit is less than seven players. In that case the match will not be played and River Will lose by a score of 0-3 Independent of Santa Fe.

What will happen to Boga?

This time Xeneize You also need to prepare your core game Cup Libertadores This Thursday does Total Nature and Tests P.C.R. Already routine on any professional team. They can only hope that the positives performed at La Pamponora did not spread the virus.

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Team Russo Is forced to win Barcelona So they do not complicate going to the second round and any setback will make the task against the Ecuador team harder, which was so strong so far.

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