Yadhira Carrillo responds to Michelle Reno regarding the slap she gave him

Yadhira Carrillo responds to Michelle Reno regarding the slap she gave him

We told you that a few days ago Michelle Reno He revealed that he was the victim of the powerful slaps given by Yadhira Carrillo during his performance, on an occasion where they both worked on casting actors.

Now she is the actress, Yadra Carrillo Whoever replied to Danilo Carrera’s ex-girlfriend that it happened because the theater director liked things to be as clear as possible.

During an interview on the show on De Primera Mano, the actress remembered this Slapping a colleague on the director’s orders, She also admitted that she was slapped hard while recording some scenes.

Our manager Benjamin Kahn, who sent a kiss, always told us, “I want a good one and I don’t want many and he hurts himself more.” And yes, we slapped each other … all of them., Is detailed.

“They gave me the same slaps, specifically because I always work with Benjamin Kahn and he was always asking us this way. And it wasn’t just Michelle, we had to make a scene with anyone. They had to do it for me. Give them or give them. And it was that.” Especially with our wonderful manager, who wanted things so real.he added.

Yedira Carrillo noted that during his work in “Ruby” alongside actress Barbara Morey, the slaps were so real that there were injuries: We asked Benjamin, with Barbara Morey, “One please, but one in good shape.” That’s painful, I swear you felt like you hit your eardrum.He completed.

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