Robbie Ray won the AL Cy Young Award

Robbie Ray won the AL Cy Young Award

The MLB Awards continue this week, and now it’s time for Cy Young From so much American League of National LeagueHe was one of the nominees for the award, and was shortlisted for the Young Circuit. Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees, Lance Lynn of the Chicago White Sox and Robbie Ray of the Toronto Blue Jazz.

The PPWAA ended up winning the award unanimously, as announced in the poll, with 29 of the 30 votes cast for first place, leaving the Yankees ace Gerid goal second. He can only take one vote. To the post of Hon.

Robbie Ray led the American League in ERA (2.84), leading the games (32), innings pitch (193.1) and strikeouts (248) in 2021, as well as all pitchers with 6.3. He became the fourth Blue Jace Pitcher to win the Psi Young in history, following in the footsteps of Pat Hendgen in 1996, Roger Clemens in 1997 and 1998, and Roy Hall of Fame in 2003.

Also, Ray linked Felix Hernandez as the award-winning pitcher with the fewest wins in the American League, with Venezuela doing so in 2010. The pitcher with the fewest games won the Psi Young in all major leagues. Jacob Digrom did it in 2018 with just 10 wins.

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