Why You Need to have Select Auto Protect warranty for your Car

Why You Need to have Select Auto Protect warranty for your Car

Select Auto Protect is a superb satisfaction provider with its services all around its covered areas. The nationwide coverage, unlimited service calls, and 4.9-star average customer reviews on the website take the company out of the box. The platform provides a unique service experience to the customer needing help at a specific time. There are several different plans; offers are available for cost plans for different services. All the reviews on the website are positive, meaning the company provides enough good plans related to their services.

Firstly introduced in 2020, the company secured its position nationwide as an excellent extended warranty provider. The company resolves all customer claims on time and has become one of the leading ones.

Select different plans

Select Auto Protect offers three types of different plan, which includes Platinum, gold, and silver select plan. The company bears all the expenditures due to the mechanical worker’s negligence, but the car owner should pay for all the defective parts if the cause officer is the owner’s negligence or wear and tear.

Select Auto Protect plans are time-based and cover the vehicle’s distance. Usually, the company offers three years or 35000-mile plan or five years or 70000-mile plan. Every plan includes the services and facilities according to the terms and conditions included in the plan.

  • Select silver plan is the top plan offered by Select Auto Protect, which includes all the maintenance of mechanical parts and transmission systems. It also includes other services like on-road assistance, different discounts, and mobile apps.
  • Select Gold category includes steering system and lookout system of cars.
  • Select Platinum plan covers all the things within the back and front bumpers of the Car.
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Drivers can also take advantage of the plan, including road trip protection, monthly amounts, and rental car reimbursement. The company charges 100 dollars for each breakdown claim of your Car, and you should pay that deductible on the spot every time except with assistance calls. Usually, the cost remains at a minimum, but if your Car remains in the workshop for an extended period cost can be increased.  Visit website for additional details.

Coverage Process 

It works for the covered parts of the plan which require maintenance or replacement. It works as the other companies provide their services. When some issue reports in your vehicle firstly claimed the call center. Bring your Car to the nearby workshop, licensed by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, for the initial diagnosis. Tell them about your warranty info. After resolving, the administrator of the issue tells you about the issue and tells you to pay the claim fix charges. There is no limit to claiming in one year. The plan is only valid when you keep your vehicle according to company recommendations and maintenance schedule, including oil change after a specific interval of car driving and tune-ups after every 30000 miles.


  1. Wide range of coverage
  2. different plans are available
  3. Unlimited claim offers
  4. Delighted customers
  5. Five plans for maintenance
  6. Promising a good and clear image in short spam


  1. Charge 100$ for each claim
  2. The company is short of experience

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