Rochy RD has # 1 in Spain and Argentina “It’s not for you,” according to Spotify

Rochy RD has # 1 in Spain and Argentina “It’s not for you,” according to Spotify

“It’s Not For You”, released by Dominican Rochy RD and remixed internationally, is # 1 of the 10 most-played songs of the week on Spotify, in Spain and Argentina.

During July 2020, Rochy RD released the song He’s Not For You, a song whose lyrics are a warning to a friend that the woman with him has more love relationships.

The song was a viral success, garnering millions of views on YouTube and becoming a gold record in the US.

A little over a month ago, the new remix version of “Ella No Es Tuya”, an international update, was launched ever since. The Dominicans joined the Puerto Rican Mickey Towers and promised young Argentine Nikki Nicole. reported a collaboration that marks the first time Argentina has worked with a Dominican artist.

Only on YouTube it has more than 43 million 754k views.

The song produced by Nicall and Nata Cartier is a warning to a man that the woman with whom he has relationships is free to be with whom she wants and not belong to him.

The theme is accompanied by a very colorful video starring Instagram artist Alexandra Hatko, who represents the role of women in the history of song lyrics, and this was the first appearance of former urban partner Mozart la Para in an audiovisual film of the urban genre.

A video directed by Creator and Manuel DH, where Rochy and Myke Towers are seen interpreting the lyrics in different combinations, while Nicki Nicole does the same thing separately, giving an amazing flow, notes El Zocco.

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The song was produced in collaboration between Vulcano Music Entertainment and Sony Music Latin brands.

+ Parade hit


1.- “It’s Not For You (Remixes)” – Roche RD, Mike Towers and Nikki Nicole

2.- “The Thieves” – Mike Towers and John

3.- “L-Gante Rkt” – L-Gante y Papu DJ

4.- “Last Night” – Bad Bunny & Rosalia

5.- “Animal” – Maria Becera and Caso

6.- “Bichota” – Carol J.

7.- “Made for me” – Boza

8.- “DKTY” – Bad Bunny and Jay Cortez

9.- “If I had beer” – Migrants and Aliko

10.- “Baby” – Camilo and Alfa


1.- “It’s Not For You (Remixes)” – Roche RD, Mike Towers & Nicky Nicole

2.- “Ingobernable” – C. Tangana, Gipsy Kings, Nicolás Reyes and Tonino Baliardo

3.- “Párteme la cara” – C. Tangana and Ed Maverick

4.- “You have stopped loving me” – C. Tangana with La Harangara and Niño de Elche

5. – “The Thieves” – Mike Towers and John

6.- “Los Tontos” – C. Tangana and Kiko Veneno

7.- “911” – Sech

8.- “No te enamores (remix)” – Milly, Farruko, Jay Wheeler, Nio Garcia, Amenazzy

9.- “Nomenaw” – C. Tangana and Jorge Drexler

10.- “Before” – Anuel AA and Ozuna

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