Ruthie has been at McDonald’s for 50 years now turned 100: video

Ruthie has been at McDonald’s for 50 years now turned 100: video

Ruthie Schuster I recently completed it 100 l And since she got out, she hasn’t stopped Work at McDonald’s Located Pittsburgh, United States. The woman is a widow and although she has been able to retire for several years, she still does not plan to do so, because she wants to. Continuous to work.

Ruthie is known for welcoming customers with a smile and on Friday afternoons to delight them with a song. On Fridays it comes nearly 30 and we all sing You are my sunshine. We all sing it, everyone comes, he said Ruthie Schuster For the program Good morning America.

Before the pandemic, the woman danced at least four times a week, even stating that she did not lose hope that she could return to dancing soon and enjoy every day of her life.

50 years of working at McDonald’s

For her, age is just a number, so she didn’t take on as much importance when she was 100 lBecause he considers it a gift every day. When he stayed, he started working, exactly 50 years ago, and he hasn’t missed a single day since then.

I like to work. They pay me. I pay my bills, and that’s fine. I never had much money, but I always had enough, he claims Ruthie Schuster.

As a gift for this kind and perfect woman, her colleagues installed a mailbox in McDonald’s It works so that clients, whom he already knows well, can leave greeting cards for him on his birthday.

They also made a poster that they placed at the entrance to the building so everyone knew about the big celebration: Not Christmas. 100 from Ruthie SchusterThe sign said.

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Even Pittsburgh TV channel WTAE-TV joined in celebrating the broadcast of this video:

Upon his arrival, the woman was greeted with flowers and congratulations on her 100th birthday, and then she headed to the mailbox to start reading some of the cards deposited by the clients.

Who know Ruthie Schuster They highlight his liveliness, sense of humor, and energy that he conveys, and they even ask what is the secret to staying that way and having a soul Work at Mc Donalds Without rest.

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