Rockets’ Harden welcomes added duties

James Harden of the Rockets will be sidelined for at least two weeks because of a strained left hamstring.

James Harden isn’t just expected to handle the ball more this season for the Houston Rockets.

He’ll also be getting more minutes. Or so the theory goes.

Here is what Harden told ESPN:

“We’ll see and take it game by game,” Harden said. “Some games I’ll play more [minutes] than others. I love being on that basketball court — this is my happy place. If I have to play 40 a night or down to 30-35 [minutes], it depends on the game. It’s whatever is good for the team.”

ESPN wrote: “With a new up-tempo offense, featuring more shooters, Harden has the ability to help the Rockets get big leads. If the new shooters, such as Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, are able to take the scoring load off Harden, the amount of energy needed to run the offense might not be a burden.”

With a new coach in Mike D’Antoni and no more Dwight Howard (now with Atlanta), the Rockets are Harden’s ship to sail. How it all unfolds — with even more minutes for the Rockets star — will be interesting.