Romeo Santos and Aventura have one month and 13 days to fill the Olympic Stadium

Romeo Santos and Aventura have one month and 13 days to fill the Olympic Stadium

1 Month and 13 Days has the Aventura group fill up on Saturday 18th December at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo to close out their “Inmortal” tour.

“To blow the Olympics again. Tickets are on sale tomorrow (this Friday) from 3:00pm on #CierreGiraInmortal,” Romeo Santos wrote on Instagram.

The organizers did not provide further details, especially if the Olympic capacity will be filled to its full capacity of 50,000 people which can accommodate or be limited to provisions that are enabled for only 70 percent.

It also did not provide whether it was necessary to present a vaccination card for entry. The event will take place in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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Romeo Santos encouraged this special: “I was committed to my fellow adventurers. Now the four of us have a commitment to the country that has seen our growth. The Final Stop,” Romeo Santos wrote on October 28 with a video where he was seen on the beach and later named “Adventure.” “.

The multi-award winning artist was in the country during those days and visited the home of Anna and Mia, Siamese twins who were born conjoined at the chest, and who share three small legs, intestines, bladder and the same liver.

So he also went to the home of little Maciel, who has dysplasia.

Days before enjoying the beaches of Pedernales. The famous Dominican artist visited the beaches of Cabo Rojo and Bahía de las Águilas to see the Pedernales Tourism Development Project, organized under a public-private partnership.

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