More than 4,000 people participated in the Nobel Science Festival

More than 4,000 people participated in the Nobel Science Festival

more than 4 thousand people participated in the third edition of the Science Festival (Feci) in the Ñuble area. Magic and science demonstrations, interactive workshops and conversations with experts via social networks were part of the activities that brought hundreds of families together.

the doctor Ines Figueroa The director of PAR Explora Ñuble in charge of the festival stated that “Feci urges placing science, technology and innovation in the collective imagination as part of culture. At the same time, it seeks to enhance the socialization of knowledge through a transversal and regional approach.NS. Encouraging the convergence and integration of all populations, facilitating the appropriation of knowledge related to the natural, exact and social sciences, and research in the arts and humanities along with technology and innovation.”

A national holiday with a regional character

Since July Multi-institutional network Explora Ñuble, Composed of public and private institutions associated with scientific and technological work, I began preparing for the third edition of Feci, which in 2021 collected fourteen activities in the method Onlineand mixing them face to face in order to present scientific topics of interest to the inhabitants of Ñuble, and to protect Ñ Everyone’s arrival for everybody.

Magic, radio drama and science come together to begin the first face-to-face activity in a pandemic developed alongside the Chilan Municipal Theater. The example called “Magic of Science” gathered more than 150 people from the region, who had the opportunity to enjoy a free program that started with the radio drama “Your Difference, Your Talent” by a company La Cochara Comprehensive Theatre.

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Other powerful clips of the day were those that starred in the promotion of science and professional scammers, Jose Elek. Using a variety of classic and modern magic games, explain physics concepts that are hard to imagine through tricks generated through the speed of the human body and audio and visual resources.

The show culminated, defying curiosity and the laws of physics, with its aerial dance Universo Air Dreams. The acrobats, erected on canvases and trapezoids, performed a series of movements of strength, flexibility and coordination at a height of more than two meters, putting human abilities to the test before the laws of physics. The intervention ended with applause from the children and parents who attended the Chillanigo Theatre. The activity also included a live broadcast to the entire community with over 300 copies arriving via flow.

“NSWe are glad to meet again through interventions that stimulate and enhance children’s curiosity and subsequently lead to the training of future nobles. Science is entertaining and it is through these cases that Feci is revealed. We will continue to work and support these activities in the regionthe doctor said Pablo Rojas, boss The Chelan Campus of Concepcion University.

The scientific community contacts Ñuble

During the festival, scientists and researchers engaged in “Networks of Science,” a state in which, through talks and short talks, they shared their research and interacted with the public through social networks.

Francesca Contreras, science interlocutor at the Cata Astrophysics Center and a native of Poland commented:Creating spaces for conversation such as Feci or other cases allows the creation of new realities so that more girls, teens, and young adults engage with different fields of science. Astronomy has fallen in love with me and I hope to pass on my knowledge to more young people through festive activities that promote the diversity of knowledge“.

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“Touring Ñuble” was the activity that was the main focus of children and teenagers in the area. The example allowed the presentation of more than 3,000 copies of the educational games “Muévete por Ñuble” and “Album de las Ecobrigadas”, which deal with issues related to food, healthy living, heritage and the environment.

Roxana Muñoz The teacher benefiting from this activity from the municipality of Pinto and the science teacher at José Tohá School, stated that “We found out through the Ñuble Explora Network and immediately reached out to our communities to register children and teens in the Recinto area. We are happy to be part of the festival and foster the curiosity of the little ones”.

The Ñuble Science Festival in the region is led by the Explora Ñuble Regional Collaborative Project (PAR) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation implemented by Concepción University on its Chelan campus. 2021 saw collaborations between UnACh, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Inacap, Inia Quilamapu, Criam, Miro, Cata, DAS, Fcfm, Inclusive Theater La Cuchara, Municipal Theater of Chillán, Diario La Discusión, SAG Ñuble, Gender Seremi Equity Mujer , Senama, Llequén Corporation, Daem de Chillán, El Carmen municipality, Ñiquén municipality, Portezuelo municipality and the Chillán Scouts.

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