Roscoe Jaime is back in “Raymond and Friends.”

Roscoe Jaime is back in “Raymond and Friends.”

Puerto Rican Actor Juan Reynaldo Jaime Rodriguez, better known as, Roscoe Jaime He came back to the program last night.”Raymond and his friends” From Telemundo After an absence of about three months.

At the beginning of August, the audience of the program began to ask on social networks if the young actor quit. Producer Tony Mugina, responsible for the production of the TV space at the time, explained that The new day That the actor and comedian has been going on, but he will be out for a few days due to personal reasons.

Last night in the middle of the “Men in Town” segment, the famous “Luiso” or “Chupi” as they call him appeared in a huge gift box, much to the delight of his colleagues and the viewers who longed for his return.

Shupi’s Back at it Again!!! A million thanks for the unconditional support of the audience having fun and laughing with us in Men in the City,” the actor wrote on his social networks regarding his return to television.

Roscoe Jaime was supporting his sister, Glorimari Jaime Rodríguez, as mayor of the New Progressive Party (PNP) in Guayama.

During the months that Roscoe Jaime is absent, actor and comedian Jason Calderon Join Raymond Arrieta and the rest of the cast made up of Sarah your neighborAnd the Renee MonclovaAnd the Jorge CastroAnd the Joyales FelipettiAnd the Monica PastranaAnd the Lezmari QuintanaAnd the Abraham MartyAnd the Norell Fragoso s Michael Morales.

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Calderon has integrated wonderfully into the team, adding his experience and sense of humor.

Producer Mugina said that by integrating Calderón they would be able to continue revamping the TV space show, which airs at 8:30 p.m.

He explained, “By bringing in new people we can make new comics, we can create new characters, we can create new situations in the same comics that are.”

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