Neuquén County Health Department

Neuquén County Health Department

A new space is opening up in the city to strengthen the community mental health approach.

Governor Omar Gutierrez, together with Health Minister Andrea Pieve, participated in the inauguration of the Rincón de los Sauces Day Center, which will begin work in a historic building in the city. The establishment will contain a reception area, three offices, a meeting room, a living room, an office, a dining room, a kitchen, a storage room, and a complex for meetings and activities. The goal is to strengthen care around community mental health and problematic consumption. About 3,500,000 pesos has been invested in renovating infrastructure and another 3,000,000 pesos in equipment.

Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Day Centers are assistive devices that clinically expand treatments and provide an approach to psychological distress aimed at maximizing people’s independence and inclusion in society.

In this sense, the governor acknowledged the municipality’s decision to give up this space in order to achieve this daytime center, and noted that this places health “at the center of the priorities and needs of the residents of Rincon.” Gutierrez also highlighted: “I have nothing but words of appreciation and gratitude. You know we have a mental health issue, which the pandemic has reinforced in some way. Today we are enabling this space that will work integrally and in detail with the hospital.”

Likewise, the county leader reflected on the work done in the city during the pandemic as well as the vaccination process, and expressed his appreciation for it. On the expansion and redesign of the Rincon Hospital building, the governor explained, “It’s a hospital that’s progressing, and it’s about 60 percent complete. In June, that work needs to be completed, and the City of Rincon needs that work for a general purpose, completed, enabled, and serviced in As soon as possible “.

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For his part, Bev explained: “We are very grateful to the mayor and her entire team, and to Governor Omar Gutierrez for starting today this very important center for the Rincón de los Sauces community. We are also grateful for the space, this was the Urquiza Museum and now we will own it, we will promote mental health “.

In this sense, the Head of the Health Profile said: “This is a very important function for the entire hospital mental health team, who have been asking for a private space for the community where they can work on the different devices, have workshops, and engage with the community from a place outside the hospital. I think today we are responding precisely to the needs of community, and for claims and also for projects in the hospital district, as well as in the field of mental health in the health district.”

Director of Rincon de los Suces Hospital, Gladys Ledesma, noted that “it is a great pleasure for us to start this long-awaited physical space” and said: “We are grateful for all the support we have received, because all projects take time and if we want to achieve them and continuity, we all have to participate so that We can achieve it.”

The Mayor, Norma Sepúlveda, thanked the Governor for being there and addressing the community’s demands, and noted: “We always make ourselves available and we will continue to make ourselves available because we understand, as Gladys said, that it’s a shared, clear, shared effort. Thank you and congratulations to all health workers.”

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In this case, the day center will start operating in a historic building in the city, ceded by the municipality, with a psychosocial team made up of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, assistant administrative agents and cleaning agents. In this place, previously, the first hospital of Rincon and the historical museum of the city operated.

With this incorporation, the county’s public health system now has nine day centers in operation: the Capital District (West, East, and Central); Health District II (Zapala); District IV (Villa La Angostura, Junín de los Andes, and San Martín de los Andes); and Fifth District (Cutral Co-Plaza Huincul and Rincón de los Sauces).

After the opening, Gutierrez toured the local hospital building expansion and remodeling work with the Minister of Health; Undersecretary of Public Works, Roberto Deza; the city’s mayor, Counselor Daniela Rucci; and Julio Cesar Maiolo from the construction company.

Given the significant progress of the work, it is expected to open in March 2023 in phases. In this way, the hospital will be able to raise the complexity range and increase the level of local accuracy.

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