Rosie and Juan Rivera | Celebrity

Rosie and Juan Rivera |  Celebrity

What else, His uncle Juan was accused of paying $ 300,000 For the work he has done for companies. In ‘Live’, the singer and her four brothers (Jackie, Michael, Genica and Johnny) refused to apologize to their uncles for asking them to reconsider their mother’s funds and for mismanagement.

Lubilo Rivera sympathizes with Sequis and his nephews

The compelling and controversial news from Seguiz Rivera was echoed by his other uncle, Lubilo, who publicly showed his support for him and his brothers.

You made no mistake“Yes, your mother’s legacy is yours,” he wrote in a video comment.

She worked for you, Nothing more, “‘El Toro del Corrido’ added,” You have every right to live forever under the name Jenny Rivera! “

In addition, this Thursday morning on the 6th, the singer shared a message from a Jenny Rivera fan account on her Instagram story, in which they thanked the children for showing ‘La Diva de la Banda’.

Thank you Lubilo Rivera for not leaving your nephew alone. I know Jenny will be happy if they get your support, ”the translator replied.

Jupiter Rivera’s children have Lupilo

Since last May, it has been known that Jenny Rivera’s youngest son, Johnny Lopez, has demanded that his mother’s companies be audited, and Lupilo Rivera has shown his support for him and his brothers.

“To my daughter-in-law Chickwick and I were in touch And they have (sic) advice, “he said Today, “They don’t know much about life because they grew up without a father, without a mother.”

The censorship split the family and married Mrs.. Rosa Chavezra even came out to defend her daughter Rosie’s job as head of the company and to criticize the status of her grandson Johnny.

Lupilo is also separated from his brother Juan

Lubillo Rivera’s pro-nephew attitude comes amid his own feud with his brother Juan Rivera, who was pointed out by Sequis for asking him to pay $ 300,000 for his work.

Lupilo said last July about the differences he has with his brother Today “He left everything in God’s hands”: “If you do something wrong, you already know it.” God will charge you“.

In an interview with ‘Cell El Sol’ on December 29, Juan Rivera made it clear that there was no possibility of a compromise between them.

“Nothing, There is anger and hatred“, He said,” because of things that have already happened, but as I said: if my body can respect me to mention me or give me hints, do not fight. “

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